I would love to work with companies and brands that we believe in that could use a delightful yellow lab blogger representing their products and services.

I am seeking partial or full sponsorship to Blogpaws 2016.  If you would like details about BlogPaws sponsorship, please contact my assistant Rebecca by email.

In a session at BlogPaws 2013

Some of the opportunities I can provide are:

My social media presence is broad and growing:
  • I have over 4700 followers on Twitter 
  • I have over 900 followers on Instagram
  • I have over 500 Facebook friends and my Facebook fan page has over 800 likes
  • I have 170 followers on Pinterest
  • My mom/assistant has guest blogged for doggyWOOF and other sites (see Articles by Garth's Mom for links to her posts)
  • Member of the BlogPaws Community, Pet Blogs United, and Dogs With Blogs

I have received a number of honors:

Please contact my assistant, Rebecca, at garth.riley@rocketmail.com if you have questions or would like to pursue sponsorship opportunities with The World According to Garth Riley.

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