Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our First Shelter Drive-By!

 BlogPaws Be the Change for Pets has been encouraging its members to participate in its Shelter Appreciation Week Blog Hop and Iams Home 4 the Holidays by doing a shelter drive-by and blogging about it.

Momma didn't know what a shelter drive-by was, but she was pretty sure she didn't have time for it.  She tends to stay crazy busy, and this past week was even worse than usual because it was the week before Thanksgiving, so she had lots of extra stuff she needed to do, plus I had minor unscheduled surgery on Tuesday.  (Just a little lump removed from a toe -- no big deal.  But it definitely added to momma's stress and errands.)

But when mom read about shelter drive-bys in the BlogPaws Be the Change for Pets post Action: Support Shelter Appreciation Week, she realized that a drive-by was easily doable, even the week of Thanksgiving.     

To do a drive-by, you just look at the wish list of a nearby shelter, and when you go to the grocery store, pick something up from the shelter's wish list, and drop it off at the shelter.  Momma had to go to the grocery store anyway to get ingredients for Thanksgiving dessert.  So she searched for a participating shelter nearby and found there was one right on her way!  Then she looked at the wish list for the Hanover County Animal Control shelter, and saw that food and rawhide chews were at the top of the list.  When she was shopping for key lime pie ingredients, she just picked up a bag of dog food and a bag of rawhide chews and dropped them off at Hanover County Animal Control.  It was very simple and took maybe an extra 5-10 minutes.

Inspecting the goods

I suppose they meet my approval

On an important mission

Turn here mom

I'll just wait in the car while you drop off the stuff

This is the place

The shelter staff was very appreciative, and I'm sure the doggies at the pound appreciated it too -- especially the rawhide chews.  

Drive-bys are a very easy way to help homeless animals.  If you'd like to read about some other ways my friends have helped homeless animals, go to my post Frosty Paws Giveaway for National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and read the comments.  It may give you some ideas!


  1. This is a great idea Garth. Thanks to you and your mum for sharing it.


  2. So great Garth! Your Moms definately ROCKS! I'm sure glads you inspected the goods befores your Moms dropped it off ~ can't have sub-par stuffs at the shelter!
    Sorry to hears about your toe! Cool cone-O-shame thou! looks comfy.


  3. Go Garth Go!!!

    I'll work on my mom fur she has the keys to The Zen-terra

    BUT I do know there is a shelter <3minutes from here - and it is where that WHITNEY khame from!

    PeeEssWoo: So, did woo get that peanut butter?

  4. Garth you have the kindest mum. Hope you are OK pal and the Cone Of Shame comes off soon. Have a super Sunday if you can.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Way to go Garth & Mom! My Mommy has to buy some bones for our local shelter here in FL for the little one's. It's the Holiday season and time to share with those who could use a few extra bones.

    Hope that your toe is feeling better real soon Garth!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  6. Nicely done, Garth! Great job!

    Christie from

  7. Thats something doable for Dad, thanks for the post

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  8. This shelter drive by sounds like something I would like to do with mom! She says she will help me :)

    Also, I am very sorry that you are stuck in that cone Garth :( At least you've got the soft kind; those hard plastic ones are just the worst. I hope your toe is okay and that surgery didn't hurt too much!

  9. Hiya Garth...It's yur pal GizmoGeodog here...feelin' yur pain pal over that cone of shame, but you wear it well...My Mom iz like yurs...always busy...but I'm glad we got both of them out to do our drive-bys cause it makes a difference to our needy furriends *snoogles*

  10. Hiya Garth, yur pal Gizmo here...sorry about that cone of shame but you wear it well pal...glad we got our Moms to do the drive-bys cause it means a lot to our needy furriends *snoogles*

  11. Ever since we made that trip to the shelter last week, my sissy's been asking the bigger humans to take her!!

  12. You and your Momma are such nice people!


  13. Shelter Drive bys sound pawsome.

    And I have to tell you the Frosty Paws are delicious. Mommy gave me one for Thanksgiving and I LOVED IT. We are going to save the other coupon for when it is hot here. But mommy says there are more Frosty Paws in the refrigerator for special occasions.

  14. Iams is our major sponsor and they rock. Great job helping out those pups in the shelter.

    Nubbin wiggles,