Saturday, November 9, 2013

Keys Stories, Part 5 - Farewell Key Largo, HELLLLOOOOO Key West!!

We're always sad to leave Key Largo.

Our favorite Key Largo view

Our favorite Key Largo restaurant

Our favorite Key Largo cautionary sign

Our favorite Key Largo side-of-building art

Close-up view of our favorite Key Largo side-of- building art
(After all, what's a shark sculpture without a severed limb?)

We had breakfast at Mrs. Mac's and said farewell to our new friends, packed up the car, and headed southwest along the Overseas Highway -- our favorite drive.  

We stopped in Islamorada for photos with the Big Mermaid.

You've heard of the Little Mermaid, right?
Well, this is her opposite

Family portrait with the Big Mermaid

By the time we got to Robbie's, it was already lunch time, so we stopped at the Hungry Tarpon for a bite.  

Is she really making me pose for another photo?

The Hungry Tarpon is dog-friendly, and it was nice and shady there, and mom & dad said lunch was yummy.  After lunch, mom fed the tarpon (I first wrote about mom's tarpon-feeding addiction in Tarpon Feeding 101), and we met a very nice lady artist in the parking lot. She said she spoke Labrador and I found her to be quite fluent.

This is what I think about posing for another photo

It always takes us a long time to get from Key Largo to Key West because there are so many places we want to stop along the way, and we always meet nice people and stop to talk with them.  We never want to hurry along this route because the drive along the Overseas Highway is amazing -- it includes about eleventy-seven bridges and dad's favorite bridge, Seven Mile Bridge. The views from the bridges are breathtaking!  The ocean is different shades of aqua and blue, speckled with green mangrove hammocks. Even the roadside is interesting.  If you look closely, you see iguanas munching on the grass next to the road and an occasional Key Deer.

When we got to Key West (our absolute favorite place in the world), we checked into our hotel, then headed to dinner at the Island Dogs Bar for yummy food and fun people-watching.  It was Friday night and Duval Street was really hopping, but we were so tired after dinner, we went back to the hotel and went to bed. (I guess we're just not the party animals we once were.) But early bedtime means early morning exploring, so I had no objections.


  1. Garth for us that sign was well funny and the art work was cool. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Love how you risked your life for the spot under the falling coconut sign...what a trooper of a dog blogger!

  3. We, too, were wondering about posing by the 'beware of falling coconuts' photo... Mom saw a Parrothead 'license plate" parked at work the other day, and was wondering if you had come to visit, but the real license plate was from Montana, not Virginia, so she figured it couldn't be you... As always, we love the photos, and your "enthusiasm" for posing! Heehee!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  4. You need to tell mom some nice dog friendly hotels to stay at

  5. Garth, I love Robbie's and The Hungry Tarpon! They have the best fish tacos! And feeding the tarpon is always fun! I cannot wait to hear all about your adventures in Key Weird...I mean, Key West. BOL!
    *high paws* buddy,

  6. Holy Cows!!! That sure is FABulous Garth!!! Wow, Ma is so jealous and I have to say, I am too!
    Everything looks so amazin'!! Well, except for the fact that your Moms is like my Ma, and makes us sit and pose when all we want to do is read the pee mail!! Oh, I bets there is some pawsome smells there!! BOL
    Ruby ♥