Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dutch Kitties ROCK!!! (+ Mom's new hardware!)

I admit it - I used to not like kitties.  I used to think kitties were evil, because they always make that super-scary hissing sound whenever I try to say hi.  But I was wrong.  I have recently made some kittie friends, and it turns out that some kitties are really nice.

Yesterday Mom got an awesome card from Arie, Bram, Cees, and Dirk, my kittie friends who live in the Netherlands, and their mom. (You may remember them from my FIRST EVER Silly Photo Contest.)  



Cees and Dirk

Mom had just gotten home from her first full day back at work after breaking her wrist and having surgery, and she was tired and grumpy, and her wrist hurt.  She noticed a bright yellow envelope when she got the mail out of the box, and she quickly opened it.  (She's always excited to get non-junk mail.)  She looked at the card and then she smiled a BIG smile.  She was in a better mood the rest of the evening, thinking about the kindness of four kitties and a woman who live an ocean away.

I like it when my mommy smiles, and I think making people smile is a wonderful thing.  Sending mom a card was such a nice and thoughtful thing to do. 

And so I have reached the conclusion that maybe kitties aren't so bad after all, and Dutch kitties totally ROCK!

By the way, mom is doing great.  She got her stitches out today and got a smaller splint/brace thingy, and she doesn't have to wear a cast at all!  She will have to do physical therapy for a while, but she can do more and more with her hand each day.  In a few weeks, she won't even have to wear the splint/brace thingy.

Her x-rays are quite impressive.  She ended up with EIGHT screws because the bones were broken into so many little pieces.  But she had an excellent surgeon, and she's gonna' be all better really soon.  

She says to tell everyone she really appreciates all the get well wishes!


  1. OMD, your mama is like the Terminator now! "I's gonna be back..." Or maybe a cyborg!

    Sorries, I is just kidding. I hope she no has too many painfuls and that she heals really soon! I is slightly concerned to see you appreciating catses. I highly recommend that you chase them.


  2. Glad you are feeling better and that you got some cool mail! That always makes ,me smile too!

  3. So glad she's doing better!

  4. So happy to hear the Mommy is better! Those are sum pretty handsum kittehz. How sweet of them to send your Mom a card. Different species can be furriends! Happy Wednesday, Garth.

  5. Yikes hope that broken wrist is healing
    Benny & Lily

  6. Glad mum is better. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Good thing Bram talked about sending a card with mom. Was a good idea. We know how good it makes our mom feel when she gets a nice card when she isn't feeling to great.
    Awsome those screws... Mom loves her Star Trek series and your mom looks (on the inside) like Seven of Nine.... look it up. Cool chick and mom would love to be her.
    Give your mom a snuggle kissie from us Dutch Kitties (and YES, we rock!!!) and my mom.
    Cees. (the blond retriever-kind-one)

  8. So is your momma like a cyborg now with all that hardware in her? Maybe you should keep an eye out, just in case...