Thursday, March 7, 2013

30/30 Challenge Wrap-Up + My Budding Basketball Career

During the month of January, Mom and I participated in the 30/30 Challenge created by my Adventureweiner friends at  The goal of the challenge was to walk 30 minutes per day for 30 days.  We had planned to do weekly updates on our progress, which we did the first couple of weeks, but we decided that actually doing the walking was more important than providing the updates.

Well, we must confess, we did not walk 30 days consecutively.  Mom got sick and the weather was super nasty, and while she normally doesn't mind nasty weather, she thought it best not to walk when it was 25 degrees outside and she had a serious cough.  So she missed five days of walking in January.  (Luckily I have a dog-walker who comes mid-day and an awesome friend named Tim who takes me out for a hike every Wednesday, so I only missed my second walk of the day those days.)

But even though mom missed a lot of days, at the end of January, she looked at her total monthly mileage and time in MapMyFitness, and she averaged well over 30 minutes per day.  Her total mileage for January was 96.94 miles and total time for January was a little over 30 hours!  So we're calling our participation in the 30/30 Challenge a success even though we didn't walk every day out of the 30.

Mom's goal for February was to beat January's mileage -- with fewer days in the month.  And she did!  Her total mileage for February was 97.32 miles!  Her goal for March is to break 100 miles.

Meanwhile, I've learned that it's important to do lots of different kinds of exercise, so in addition to walking every day, I'm learning to play basketball!  Mom and Dad have made a couple videos of me playing basketball.  You can watch the latest one by clicking on the link below.

Watch me play Basketball

I haven't been blogging as much lately, but you can always follow me on Twitter (@garth2007) and Instagram (garthriley), and/or friend me on Facebook (Garth Riley).  I've been posting more on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook because it doesn't take as much time as writing a blog post.  I'm also on Pinterest as Garth Riley, but we're still trying to figure Pinterest out.


  1. Hey Garth..Congratulations to your and your Mom. We have been thinkin' that maybe this is the best reason to get the muzzer a smart phone? Then we can map our walks more easily, right??? We do a lot of wandering about for variety and new sniffs,and with the muzzer being old and stuff, sometimes we can't quite duplicate our walkiies on their mappies! We are gonna work on that. You help your mom reach her goal for March!

    gus n teka

  2. We miss you Garth. Pawsome basketball skills you have there my friend. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment.


  4. Wow, basketball?? That looks pawsome!

  5. Great job everyone on the fitness challenge! Mommy uses her smart phone to track our hikes when we're home in NY. It's gotten us back to our van many times when we've been lost in the woods.

    It's nice to be able to follow you on Instagram. We agree, it's much easier than blogging (especially if our hoomans are too busy or are under the weather.)

    Stay well!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  6. Great job on the 30/30 challenge, Garth! And I think you've got a serious basketball career in your future too...maybe try leaving the basket standing though ;)

  7. First, good to hear from you's been a long time...Great job on the 30/30 challenge...You should have joined our Team Dogventurers in the Idita-Walk for February and March...Your basketball skills had me going right up until you crashed the net...That might be a penalty BOL!

  8. WooHoo. Go Carolina! You're a great B-ball player.
    I'm from NC too.

  9. OMD! You are such a great BBall player Garth!! Is there no end to your talents??! Congrats to you and your Moms on the challenge!! Pretty good, I must say!

  10. You are such a skilled basketball player! No dribbling (or drooling)! Hope your mom is feeling better and the warm weather comes to your house soon.

  11. Garth, that basketball routine is PAWSOME!!! And it's great to shake up the exercise routine with something different every once in a while! And well done to your mom - great effort!