Monday, March 4, 2013

Poochie Bells and To-Go Pet Towel Product Review

Poochie Bells and To-Go Pet Towel Product Review

by Rebecca Randolph, guest blogger (and Garth’s mom)

About a month ago, we were contacted by PoochiePets and asked if we would like to try out and review a couple of their products, PoochieBells and the To-Go Pet Towel.  Both products sounded like great ideas (and we love to get free stuff), so we eagerly agreed.


PoochieBells is a set of bells attached to decorative ribbon (or webbing or leather), designed to hang from a door-knob or hook for your dog to ring to let you know he wants to go out.  They are described as “dog potty training doorbells”, but they are also a useful communication tool for dogs who are already potty trained but need a way to let their humans know that they need to go out.  Garth is amazingly patient and usually just lies by the back door, but sometimes it may take a while for us to notice him.  With the bells, he can get our attention immediately so he doesn’t have to wait.

PoochieBells appear to be very well made, with much attention to detail.  The bells themselves are lead free and custom-crafted in the U.S.A., and the PoochieBells set is assembled in the U.S.A.  The PoochieBells set contains four bells at two different heights, attached to the ribbon with rings and snaps, so there’s no stitching to come undone.  Each bell is about an inch in diameter and is inscribed with a paw print.  The bells are strong and look like they will hold up well.

PoochieBells come in a variety of different colors and patterns of grosgrain ribbon, extra thick webbing and premium leather to match your home decor, celebrate the seasons, support your hometown, or support animal rescue.   The set we received is Colonial Blue from the Classic Solid Color Selection.  I really like the fact that this product is not only functional and appears to be durable, but also looks nice.  I like the little bone at the top that says “PoochieBells” and I love the paw prints on the bells.

PoochieBells hanging from the doorknob

The two sets of bells are at two different heights (11 inches above the floor and 21 inches above the floor if hung from a 3 foot high doorknob) so they work for any size dogs.  Dogs can use either their snouts or paws to ring the bells.  I taught Garth to use his snout so he wouldn’t scratch the door while trying to ring the bells.

Garth ringing the PoochieBells with his snout

Sometimes he gets a little carried away

Yet another ringing technique

Training instructions come with the PoochieBells, and their website contains additional training information.  Training takes a little time and effort, and some dogs may pick it up faster than others.  Be patient and consistent, and your dog will get it.  I suspect it may be easier to teach a puppy how to use PoochieBells than an older dog who already has established habits, however older dogs can certainly be taught to use them.

To-Go Pet Towel

The To-Go Pet Towel is a reusable, disposable, 100% biodegradable pet drying sheet.  Once used, you can wring it out and hang it up to dry, then reuse it later.  They come in a small pouch so they’re not bulky like towels, so they’re easy to carry in a purse or backpack.  They are also easy to stash back into the plastic pouch when they’re wet.  We usually carry a bunch of old towels with us when we travel with Garth, but To-Go Pet Towels will be very handy when we’re trying to pack lightly.

Garth loves water and mud, and I don't always have a towel available.  I think I’ll keep a couple of To-Go Pet Towels in each car to have available for mud emergencies.

Garth likes mud

Other Products

In addition to PoochieBells and To-Go Pet Towels, PoochiePets makes collars, leashes, tote bags, cell phone bags, pewter dog-themed hooks, and very cute bone-shaped magnetic memo boards.  They also have a line of products called Saving Spot with an adoption/rescue theme.  With each Saving Spot product sold, PoochiePets will donate a new dog collar to a participating non-profit organization whose mission is to find homes for dogs.  The designated rescue organization for February/March 2013 is one of our favorite organizations, Legacy Boxer Rescue.

We look for a few things in particular when we support a product or company.  We like to support small businesses, and PoochieBells LLC is a small Connecticut-based company (they get extra points for being from Dad’s home state).  We prefer products that are made in the U.S.A.  We also like to support businesses that give back to the community, especially if they support rescue organizations.  And of course we want a well-made and helpful product.  PoochieBells offers a solution to one of the challenges of pet parenting - potty training - and gives us another way to bridge the human/dog communication gap.  There are a lot of things to like about PoochieBells.  

Check out their products by following the link below, and you can get FREE SHIPPING.  If you order through the link below, the free shipping coupon code should be applied automatically.  You can also manually enter the coupon code “GARTH”.

(Use the link here)

The opinions expressed in this review are my own.  PoochiePets sent us a PoochieBells set and a To-Go Pet Towel free of charge.  Other than the free products (valued at approximately $21 excluding tax and shipping), I was not compensated for this post.  Should someone purchase a PoochiePets product through the link above, as part of the PoochiePets Affiliates program I will receive a small percentage which I can use towards my next purchase.


  1. Cool stuff! Did you already know how to ring to go out or just learned when you got them? I learned back when momma adopted me and quickly forgot my 5 year habit of scratching the door! I use my Snooter too. We don't have fancy ones like that tho, maybe we'll try them!

  2. Thank you for a most thoughtful and thorough reviews. We might try those bell things. Maybe Teka would consider them a good alternative to yelling at the Muzzer.


  3. Ha ha Garth you do really like mud. Wow look at you. Poochiebells would drive peeps nuts as I probably play with them. To-go looks like a great idea to have around for that emergency. Great reviews. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Grreat review! I've been bell-trained since I came to Momma's house, and Momma bell-trains all of her foster dogs. I think it's a fangtastic idea.

    Be sure to buy this month so LBR gets the donation! :)

  5. The bells are such a neat idea! Very cool stuff here. I love how Garth has added "by guest blogger" at the top lol. Very nice of him to let you share a post on his blog. :)

  6. The bells are a really interesting idea, though I suspect like Molly I'd play with them :-)

  7. The poochie bells are a great idea.
    Always nice to get free stufs, you're a lucky fellow !!

    Woos of love.

    Echo & Link

    P.s : we are organising a super cool contest at our place, and we would love for you to pawticipate ^^

  8. Gosh, were we glad to see you back!!! She said that She likes the idea of those Poochie Bells (it's a great idea, really - sometimes it is hard for the two legged ones to understand when we need to go out!!) but I probably wouldn't get the hang of it as quickly as you, Garth!!! I"m a wee bit impatient but I think we'll give them a go!!!



  9. Poochie Bells are a great idea. In our house we use a set of small wind chimes. If my humans are busy or in a spot where they can't see the door, the pretty sound gets their attention and they like it better than a loud bark or whine.