Sunday, June 23, 2013

Squeeable Sunday!

Labtop Computing

Today I'm a Featured Friend in my friend's blog Just So Squeeable!  Check it out and see all the other squeeable creatures.  If you want something that will bring a smile to your face, Just So Squeeable! is the blog to follow.

And don't forget to enter my BlogPaws Swag GIVEAWAY! before the deadline of July 5.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My BlogPaws SWAG GIVEAWAY and Other Cool Contests!

First I want to tell you about two GREAT contests that are going on right now.

Our friends at Animal History Museum are having a contest called Stories of Older Animal Adoption.  If you have a great story to tell about adopting a senior animal, you could be in one of their museum exhibits!  You can enter through the Animal History Museum Facebook page.  We have so many friends who were adopted as seniors or middle age doggies and have made their human mommas and daddies SO happy.  Please tell all your friends and help us spread the word about this awesome contest and the awesomeness of older doggies!

Next, our friends at Pruven, who we met at BlogPaws, are having a contest called Cute But Caught: America's Cutest and Messiest Pets.  (And yes, it does seem like this contest was made for me.)  I've already entered a few of my best muddy lab photos, but I encourage you to enter as well, and tell all your friends about the contest.  You could win a $3,000 gift card!  (Not to mention MAJOR bragging rights!)

Mud, a stick and water = lab paradise

Post-hike (pre-bath) nap

And finally, I have a problem.  

What am I gonna' do with all this swag?

Because both mom and dad accompanied me to BlogPaws, we got two swag bags, and twice as much swag.  I accumulated WAY too much swag, and I need to give some of it away.  So I'm having a BlogPaws Swag GIVEAWAY!  Two lucky winners will each receive a box full of swag from BlogPaws.

I apologize to my kittie friends, but all of my swag is doggie-related.  I promise I'll make it up to you by having a kittie-related prize giveaway soon.  I also have to apologize to all of my friends who live outside the United States.  Momma says we have to limit this contest to U.S. residents because some of the swag can't be shipped to other places and apparently it costs a lot to ship a box of swag outside the U.S.

To enter, just use the Rafflecopter thingy below.  You can enter any time between now and July 5.  This is so exciting!  I love to give away stuff!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Be Pawsitive Treat Box Product Review

One of the many awesome things about BlogPaws was having the opportunity to meet people like the Be Pawsitive guy.  The Be Pawsitive guy just started this great new company called Be Pawsitive that offers subscription treat boxes.  For every box they sell, they send a box of treats to an animal shelter or rescue organization.  Isn't that awesome?  

The Be Pawsitive guy offered to send me a Be Pawsitive treat box free of charge to try out and review.  Naturally I said SURE, twist my paw!

Just take the photo so I can have a treat

That's it, I want a treat NOW

Um, I could use some assistance here

Momma helped me open the treat box today, and she let me try some of the Be Pawsitive treats.  They were YUMMY!  She gave me one and I gobbled it up, then she gave me another and I gobbled that one up too.  I don't know if it's because they are made with all organic ingredients, or because they're made in small batches - whatever the reason, I found the Be Pawsitive treats to be particularly yummy.  True, labs aren't known for their discerning palates, but when I really like something, I eat it with more gusto than usual, and that's how I ate the Be Pawsitive treats.

Each Be Pawsitive box contains a one month supply of treats (about 55 biscuits) and fun doggie goodies or a gift card or discount code.  You get a different flavor of treats each month.  This month's flavor is "The Original" and the treat box included a $25 gift card to  I don't know what the other flavors are like, but "The Original" is yummylicious.

Not thrilled about mom taking photos
when there are treats to be tried

On top of that, Be Pawsitive treats are certified organic and made in the United States.  The ingredients are all natural and all organic.  For example, "The Original" treat ingredients are:
Organic whole-wheat flour, Organic canola oil, Organic wheat bran, Organic extra virgin olive oil, Organic non fat dry milk, Organic honey, Organic rosemary, Organic garlic, Organic rosemary oil.  

You can order Be Pawsitive treat boxes for one month, three months, or six months.  What a great gift idea for that special pup in your life!  Not only do they get yummy treats for themselves, but a box of treats is also sent to a shelter or rescue for every box that is purchased.

Be Pawsitive gets my highest rating in all four categories:

Overall yumminess - four paws
Healthy ingredients - four paws
Giving back - four paws
Environmental responsibility - four paws

What's a treat doing on my paw?

Okay, can I eat them now? Pleeeeese.

Nom nom nom
I love doing product reviews