Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Best Part of Christmas - Neapolitan Lab

Sure, I love presents (who doesn't?), but to me, the best part about Christmas is getting together with the family.  The day after Christmas we went to Uncle Randy's, and Mia (my chocolate lab cousin), and Sadie (my black lab cousin), and I played and played and played.  Mom threw the ball for us, then Uncle Randy threw the ball for us, then my cousin Libbie threw the ball for us.  And we got lots of petting and belly rubs from my uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Last time I saw Mia, she was a little puppy, and she really wasn't very much fun.  In fact, spending time with her was quite painful because she kept trying to chomp down on my ears and lips with her VERY sharp puppy teeth.  But she has thankfully outgrown the puppy stage and is interested in playing something other than the bite-and-terrorize-Garth game.  Now I can romp and play with her like she's a grown-up lab!

Mia kept chasing me because I had the coveted deflated ball.
She sure has grown up since the last time I saw her.

Mia still has much to learn.
Here I'm trying to teach her the eagerly-awaiting-the-ball look.

She doesn't seem to be paying close attention.

Uncle Randy demonstrating the strait-up-in-the-air chuck-it throw.
He sure had us confused -- especially when the ball came down
on the roof and rolled off the other side and no one could find it. 

Eagerly awaiting the ball.

Still eagerly awaiting.

This is right before Mia grabbed the frisbee and we snapped it into 2 pieces.

Mia got the deflated ball.

She has way more energy than I do.

She sure runs like a puppy.

Mia with her super-nasty retrieving toy, which we all love.

I got the tennis ball.

Mia chasing me.

Demonstrating to Mia the art of returning the ball for another throw.

She seems to be paying attention now.

Sadie came and joined in the fun.
Sadie and Mia

Mia wouldn't cooperate and pose for the camera.

Sadie is always happy to pose for the camera.
Sadie and Mia relaxing after a good romp.

Apparently not everyone enjoys family get-togethers.
Granola spent the day hiding on top of the cupboard.
I've never actually met Granola because she's always hiding when I'm around.
But that's okay with me.  I'm not exactly eager to meet her.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas with Garth

Yes, I look great in front of the tree, now let's get on with the presents

This is my "hurry up dad" look

Hmmmm, now how best to open it?
Maybe I should start at the end?

Making some progress here

Oh boy oh boy what is it?!?!?

Maybe I can just unwrap the end and chew on the end
Santa brought me a huge ELK ANTLER!
This is the best thing EVER!


This is MINE

Don't mess with my antler!
Tired from all the excitement, but not taking my paws off of my antler

Demonstrating my unwrapping skills
Almost got it unwrapped
A pheasant
Now I must kill it
My stocking is definitely too small
I killed it!

Proud of my kill