Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thank You Frosty Paws!

I have an announcement to make.

The winners of my Frosty Paws Giveaway 
have been selected.

Using Rafflecopter to select the winners.

The prize packages have been loaded up into the Garth-mobile and shipped out.

Headed to the Post Office

There's only one thing left to do:

Thank You Frosty Paws!  

I really appreciate being able to share one of my favorite treats with my friends!  
(Frosty Paws has been very generous.  They provided me with prize packages for two giveaways, one last Fall and one in January.  
That's more Frosty Paws than I can count.)

Entertaining the Frostys with my
penguin impression during
their brief stay Chez Garth

The makers of Frosty Paws have even included a couple of my blog posts in their employee newsletter, the Full Scoop.  Can you believe that?  I blogged about the first one in I've Been Published!!! and they also included one of my posts in their Fall/Winter 2012 Full Scoop.  

Mom and Dad think it's very cool that my blog posts have been published in the Full Scoop.  What's next?!?  The New Yorker?!?

Coming Up:
I have LOTS of things in store for my upcoming posts: 30/30 ChallengeWrap-up, Poochie-Bells Product Review, Book Review of Ted Kerasote's new book Pukka's Promise (by guest blogger, my mom), Blogging Awards, My Budding Basketball Career, and more!