Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dog Days of Summer: Part Six

Day 25 - Teethers

Day 26 - Sadie Sunning

Day 27 - Eyes

Day 28 - Jumping
Photo by Tim Kondas, Canine Adventure

Day 29 - Favorite Photo
Photo by either Josh Rickey or Brian Padow, Canine Adventure

Day 29 - another Favorite Photo
(look familiar?)

Day 30 - Ice Cream
(Actually I'm not allowed to have ice cream, but I can have Frosty Paws.  This photo is from the day I won the Frosty Paws Eating Contest at the Furry Friends Jubilee --
a day I will always remember fondly.)

Day 31 - Traveling
(this photo is from last November's Florida Keys Adventure)

Monday, August 27, 2012

101 Uses for Things I Destroy

1.  Greeting Cards

Dad got mom this really nice book for her birthday

Well, it started out really nice

But then I decided to sample the binding

It was filled with beautiful photographs of wildflowers

Mom particularly liked the irises

So instead of just putting the partially-chewed book into the recycling bin, mom decided to keep it and use the pages in her crafty making.

Her first project was making a birthday card for Kay.
Kay loves flowers too.

She cut the photograph to size

and pasted it on a blank card

The finished product

The inside of the card

Tune in next week to see what else mom can make from what's left of her book

I have no remorse

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dog Days of Summer: Part Five

Because my IT staff is too lazy busy to post these individually . . . 

Day 18 - Favorite Human Snack: my daddy!

Day 19 - Trying to Keep Cool

Day 20 - Paws

Day 21 - In the car (getting a smooch from one of my
absolute favorite humans, Hero's mum Caro)

Day 22 - Begging (like I have to beg)

Day 23 - Tail & Booty

Day 24 - Hanging Out

Day 24 - Hanging Out on Uncle Randy's dock

My IT staff figured out how to put a link to my Instagram posts on this blog, so if you don't do Instagram, you can still view my Instagram photo posts on Webstagram by clicking on them in "Garth Riley on Instagram" in the column to the right.  I'm a multi-media pup!  We're still afraid to Tweet, however. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Trails!

Saturday was the BEST DAY EVER because I went hiking with the mommy-beast for the first time in a WHOLE month.  I know she's been recuperating from her arm being broken into many pieces and having surgery to put it back together and everything, but I had really missed our hikes together.  So I was VERY excited when I saw her get out her day pack and hiking boots!  On top of that, the temperature was absolutely wonderful.  We've had the hottest summer in history, so we were thrilled to have a cool, overcast morning for our hike.

Enjoying the breeze at Hollywood Rapids

Checking out the quarry at Belle Isle

River romp

Gotta' find a stick

Why are we stopping to take a photo here?

Checking out the ruins at Belle Isle

This is one of our favorite spots

We do most of our hiking on trails along the James River, and our hikes usually involve multiple swim stops. 

I love the taste of James River water


This is why I love RVA

Wet and happy

We had a wonderful time, we avoided wet, slippery, slimy rocks, and I am happy to report that no bones were broken.  It was so awesome to get back out on the trail with my mom!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dog Days of Summer: Part Four

The Dog Days of Summer continue . . . 

Day 13 - Hiding Spot
Here I am trying to hide under my mom's suit jacket,
which was hanging up in the back seat of the Garth mobile

Day 14 - In Costume
Yes, I am a pirate

Day 15 - Close Up
of my incredibly cute lip, whiskers, and paw

Day 16 - Yawn
We had to wake up early for our last walk on Huguenot Bridge

Day 16 - Yawn
Another yawn on another bridge -- this one on the old
Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys

Day 17 - Baby Photo
This is me at 3 weeks old

That's probably all the cuteness you can stand for one day, so I'll stop here.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!