Saturday, February 11, 2012

Garth Riley, Fashion Hound . . . I mean, Lab

I'm not the kind of pup who likes to dress up. I don't have any doggie sweaters or jackets or pj's. I have lots of fur so I don't need anything to keep me warm, and I find that pale yellow is appropriate for all occasions.

But I like to look sharp, and I'm all about accessories. Here are a few of my looks.

This is my version of the layered look, with my snazzy new collar
peaking out from under my sharp red Dog Scouts bandana.
Photo by Carla Edwards Lawrence
This is my lovely new beaded collar that Nora gave me

Out of the blue and for no particular reason (or maybe as a subtle hint that my old A Tail You Can Wag Best Friends collar is looking a bit shabby?), Nora and her parents gave me a beautiful beaded collar, handmade by the Masai in Africa.

Isn't this collar beautiful?
It looks very handsome on me!  The colors are perfect for my complexion!  Casual yet classy, this collar allows me to express my sensitive artistic side while still being totally masculine.

This is my favorite collar and I save it for special occasions.

But they were worried that the beaded collar might be too small for me, so they got me a "back up collar" just in case, and they gave me the back up collar too!  It came with its own leash, and it's made from recycled billboards!

I'll be sporting this edgy look at the next Earth Day celebration.

This collar is made from recycled billboards!

Don't I look great in this new collar!
(Note Prius in background)

There is a matching leash, also made of recycled billboards

I want the next Garth-Mobile to be a Prius just like this one

When we were in Key West, mom and dad bought me a collar at Margaritaville.  This is the perfect accessory for the Parrothead Puppy, and you can find me sporting this look at Buffett shows and at Sunset in Mallory Square.

My Margaritaville collar

Yep, I think I'd fit right in

Of course I'm a huge Survivor fan, so I have a collection of buffs.

Watching Survivor with my immunity idol chew toy

I also have a special outfit for my Caring Canine therapy dog visits.  They call it a "cape" but it's not really a cape like batman or superman wear (bummer). 

My Caring Canines "cape"
It's not really a cape

Here are a few of my other looks:

I don't particularly like headbands

Beads are always in style
This is my special cooling jacket that keeps me from getting too hot in the summer sun
(and makes me look like a super-hero!)
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Garth!!!
Sporting the island look at Yappy Hour in Key Largo
The casual, just-got-out-of-the-pool look

Looking sharp in my Dog Scout bandana

My old, faithful A Tail You Can Wag Best Friends collar, my every-day collar
My pirate look

Sometimes I run around the house naked

But I don't like to take my collar off in public


  1. I wonder if those three BlackLabraDorks in training want your pointers?

    PeeEssWoo: I had a BBS fur a snakhkie tonight! Nom nom nom nom!

    1. Probably. We loved the Labradork Training Camp post! The pups were so cute!

      Hmmmm, a BBS sure would taste good right now. Gotta' go!


  2. Wow, Garth, you're a real fashion plate! I like to dress up too, but my mom goes a little overboard sometimes. We want to know where you got your Survivor buff. Mom wants to get me and my sissy one for the new season!

    1. Check out
      and I think you can also get buffs on Amazon but they may not have as good a selection.

      We're major Survivor fans! Can't wait until the new season starts!


    2. if that link doesn't work, just go to and look for Survivor buff on right, or google "survivor buff"

  3. A lot of nice low key labralooks. I'm pretty much nekkid all the time but we live in the woods.

    love & wags,