Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's in a name?

My name is Canvasback Thunder Rolls at Brookhaven, CGC, ATD, and my call name is Garth. My grandma is a big fan of Garth Brooks.

My parents are not big fans of Garth Brooks. They didn't like the name Garth at first and planned to change my name to Riley.

But when I came to live with my parents, they put off changing my name because I was adjusting to lots of other changes -- a new home and family, living in the city for the first time, and undergoing that procedure that shall not be mentioned.

And after a while they realized that I am clearly a Garth, and that the name Garth fits me so perfectly. So they just added Riley as my middle name, which is how I became Garth Riley.

Mom likes to say I was named after a great Viking -- rather than a country music singer. But it doesn't really matter where my name came from, or even what my name is. What matters is that I'm me!

Of course mom and dad also have lots of other names for me: muffin, lab-a-muffin, beast, G-beast, G-man, Mr. Puppyman, labstone, G-buttimus, puppy, puppiness, snout, poop-eater, and smuggler (when I try to sneak my nasty outdoor tennis balls into the house in my mouth).

Some of my friends call me the King of Tricksters because I'm an Advanced Trick Dog. But my friend Ozzy is the true king, and he knighted me, so I'm now Sir Garth Riley!

I like to see my name on things like this
I even have my very own car with my name on it!
It's always good to see my name on a Three Dog Bakery cake!
This is my Garth-mobile


  1. Wow! I have lots of cool stuff with my name on it, but I don't have my own Casey-mobile. I need to get to work on that right away.

    I got my name because my mom just couldn't get it out of her head that I "looked like a Casey". I got a middle name after a few weeks when I showed her I could get out of any crate and even turn doorknobs -- I'm Casey Houdini!

    1. I think Casey is a great name! People say I look like a Garth. Hey, I'll answer to anything if I get treats.

      My cousin Sadie has the same middle name as you - my aunt calls her Sadie Houdini because she figured out how to open gates as a puppy.

  2. Sir Garth Riley,

    I am in awe. You actually have your own Car!? You a truly a Knight? You live by a dog bakery. Do you have ANY idea how spoiled you just might be? Oh the life.

    1. My mom actually thinks it's her car, but it's got my name on it, so it must be mine, right? She won't let me drive it though. But that's okay because she drives me around where I need to go. Sure I'm incredibly spoiled, but mom and dad believe that every dog should be spoiled. Who am I to argue?

      As far as knighthood is concerned, I think I was knighted because I impressed the king, his majesty King Ozzy, by taking him on some really fun hikes. (See Sir Garth Riley - if this link works -

  3. Riley Riley would have been cool but Garth is great, esp. since you have your own car named Garth.

    Here is how I got my named:

    love & wags,

    1. Hi River,

      I think River is a GREAT name! I read your story and am very glad someone found you and fixed your leg and that you ended up in a place where you're happy! And you smile like Elvis! (I met Elvis back in November.)


  4. I think it fits you very well! I do of course like the Mr PuppyMan name. DO they ever call you Block head? I think that fits you too but guess its not a nice name. In labbie speak Block head is one of the highest of compliments if you ask me!

    1. Yes they call me Block Head! Mom wants to get a bumper sticker that says "I love Block Heads!". That is definitely a compliment in our house!

  5. Dear Sir Garth Riley,

    It must be totally wotten waven to have your very own license plate!
    My parents also tried to change my name right after I was adopted, but I didn't let them.

    Keep on wagging,