Sunday, February 19, 2012

Test Post - Zoomies

I'm having problems with photos not showing up in my blog posts.  For example, my post last week on the Pumphouse Loop hike is supposed to include these photos, but doesn't.  So I'm trying once again to post last week's zoomies photos, and trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong in posting photos.

So if you can see these photos, enjoy!

If you can't see the photos, please post a comment letting me know -- it will help me in trouble shooting my photo issues.  Thanks!

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  1. Great pikhs!

    Oh to be off leash -

    Of khourse, this Sibe khan only dream!

    PeeEssWoo: Please make the evil word thingie go away ;-(

  2. i see 5 photos of a most handsome labradog!

  3. i see the pictures. Im sure he loved getting a chance to be free and get all his energy out!!! Motley my pitbull wants to go on more waks like these ha

    Check Motley out if you get the chance at Love meeting new doggy firneds

    1. thanks - we will definitely stop by your blog - we love pitties!

  4. That sure looks like fun. We only get to do zoomies off leash in our pen.

  5. Oh, we tried to post a comment and it disappeared. Don't see anything about comment moderation so guess Blogger ate it when we signed in. Hope the photo problem gets figured out.

  6. Coming through load and clear, buddy. But still getting those question marks on the pumphouse post.
    I would be patient. Momma says that blogger is doing something called "restoring data" and that everything SHOULD come back eventually (she kind of works in the data storage industry for real).