Sunday, March 4, 2012

James River Loop Hike

Mom really needed a good long hike, and I'm ALWAYS up for a hike.  So today we hiked what we call the James River Loop, starting at Barker Field, then hiking downriver along the edge of Maymont Park on the North Bank Trail to Kansas Avenue to Texas Beach, then along the edge of Hollywood Cemetery, then over to Belle Isle, around Belle Isle, then across the access bridge to the south bank of the river, then upriver along the south bank to Reedy Creek, then along the Buttermilk Trail, to the Boulevard Bridge and across the bridge to our starting point.  We're so lucky to have such wonderful trails right here in the city.

It was a GREAT hike!  And it was indeed long.  Toward the end, even I was getting a little tired.  It was raining when we started, but the rain didn't last long, and the the sun even came out briefly.  The temperature was perfect -- nice and cool, hovering around 50 degrees.  It was perfect lab weather.  The river was very high and the trails were muddy (and some were underwater) -- perfect trail conditions, as far as I'm concerned!  I love hiking and I REALLY love mud!

What are we waiting for?  Let's hit the trail!

The trail to Texas Beach was a bit soggy

Where did Texas Beach go?

Yep, this is the trail



North Bank Trail, headed downriver

The river is the highest I've ever seen it

North Bank Trail, with the city skyline ahead

Not in the mood for photos

View of Hollywood Rapids and Belle Isle, from the North Bank Trail


This sign always makes us laugh

Looking upriver at Hollywood Rapids, taken from the  footbridge to Belle Isle

Looking upriver

On the Belle Isle footbridge

Does this apply to me?

Hollywood Rapids

Grazing by the quarry on Belle Isle

First Break Rapids

Looking upriver, from the bridge on the south side of Belle Isle.
The rocks where we like to play are all under water!

On the bridge on the south side of Belle Isle

Walking along the southern shore

This is the actual trail.  It's definitely my kind of trail!

Trail conditions were muddy!

A cool bridge on the Buttermilk Trail

On the Boulevard Bridge

Sunset from the Boulevard Bridge

A very tired, muddy pup

Close-up of the mud line


  1. Wow, that looks like so much fun! What a great place for zoomies. :)

    1. It was great fun! Texas Beach is one of my favorite places for zoomies!