Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lately I've been having too many adventures

Lately I've been having so many adventures, I haven't had time to blog about them!  I had a very nice visit to the Hanover Branch of the Pamunkey Regional Library for a special Valentine's Day program.  The nice library lady read a couple stories, I did some tricks for the children, then the children made Valentine bags and visited with me and petted me.  We had a great turn-out with lots of kids.  And the nice library ladies gave me a hedgehog toy and a smiley-face mat to use when I do my "wipe your paws" trick!

Just let me play with the hedgehog!

Carefully examining my new hedgehog

I LIKE this hedgehog

I spent Valentine's Day with my friends at All Dog Adventures, doing my usual Tuesday routine, which is playtime and Smart Swim, which would have been great enough in itself.  But then I got selected to be Dog of the Day by Best Bully Sticks!  On our way home, Willow's mom texted us that Willow got the Valentine I sent her, and she sent us some photos of Willow and the Valentine.  I think Willow really liked it.  I was worried that it would arrive late, so I was very happy she got it on Valentine's Day.

Willow and the Valentine I sent her
Photo by Willow's mommy

That's my paw print on the left (remember my "Failed Valentines" post?)
Photo by Willow's mommy

Later that evening, Mango Minster 2012 Adventure Animals winners were announced, and I tied for THIRD PLACE!  This was super-exciting for me, since I'm very new to blogging and I was up against a number of seasoned bloggers and very impressive Adventure Animals.  I already wrote a post about that, but I have to show off my Winner's Circle badge.  Isn't it lovely?!?!

That Saturday, our All Dog Adventures Trick Dog Team performed at the Henrico Humane Society Pet Expo, and it was a smashing success.  I plan do a whole separate blog post about that because a friend of mine took lots of great photos and a couple people took videos.

And last weekend was a TWO HIKE WEEKEND!  Mom had planned to spend Saturday cleaning, because we were planning to be away hiking all day Sunday, but Jennifer texted us on Friday night and asked if we wanted to go to the river Saturday morning with her and the goldens, and of course we couldn't say no.  (This is why our house is rarely clean.)

It was a cold, blustery but beautiful morning and we had an awesome hike.  I hadn't hiked with the goldens before, but they turned out to be very pleasant hiking companions.  They really seemed to enjoy the hike!  (Mom didn't get much cleaning done, by the way, but she did manage to finally take down our Christmas decorations that afternoon.)

Preacher and Scully, with the wind in their ears

Preacher and Scully

Me, Preacher, and Scully, pausing for the mandatory photo session on the rocks south of Belle Isle

Scully appears to have had enough of the photo session!

Then on Sunday, we had another EPIC Dog Scout hike, to White Oak Canyon!  We hiked all the way up a very steep mountain!  This was no problem for the doggies, but some of the humans (like my mom) were really struggling.  I was afraid mom was gonna' need supplemental oxygen!  Mom says it's because we're flatlanders and have little opportunity to hike mountains or even big hills.  So she says we need to hike more mountains to get in better shape!  Here's a preview of an upcoming post about that hike:

Hiking back down the mountain

So much has been going on, plus we have a busy week coming up with the Woof, Wag, Walk and Pet Parade next Saturday, March 10 from 12 to 4 at Taylor Park in Hanover County.  

Dog Scout Troop #194 will be doing a tricks demonstration (starring ME!) and we will also have a booth selling home-made dog and people treats to raise money for SEVA GRREAT, Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training!

More posts to come!


  1. Whew, Garth - I'm exhausted just READING about your adventures! What a busy time you've been having! :-)

    I hope you will post a video of your tricks Demo all with your team in your next post? Would really love to see it!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. OHHHHHH Garth...I think Miss Honey may be smitten! She is a beautiful DANE and very intelligent. Your weekend sounds like fun, we have just had boring walkies and ROTE with the muzzer. Must be that she is too old.

    gussie n teka

  3. Wow, I'm so tired from reading that. It looks like you had fun!