Friday, April 13, 2012

My Path of Destruction

I've been very good lately.*  Either that or mom has been doing a better job of keeping things out of my reach.  But I thought it would be fun to show you some of my past conquests.

*except today when I munched on the top of a food storage container
Yes, those are my teeth marks.  What's your point?

I love a good book

I think it's fun to get into the recycling and leave it strewn across the living room floor.
I particularly enjoy the taste of cardboard.

This is what happens when dad leaves the bread on the counter where I can reach it.
A whole loaf of bread!  Score!

Mom didn't like these shoes anyway

I had nothing to do with it.  Honest.

Legend boxes are the best!

Searching for that lost shaker of salt

I think I found it

Kleenex is one of my favorite paper products

My dad's favorite beer

Note how I carefully removed the plastic before trying my first tomato


  1. Oh Garth! Some of those things can be bad for your tummy. Please be careful. Take a hint from Nigel and go for the turkey sammiches.


    1. I think dad has been scolded enough so he doesn't leave bread or tomatoes within my reach, and mom has also learned to put away the Kleenex and take the recycling outside. Mom is happy I seem to enjoy chewing plastic without biting off pieces, but she's still very careful about leaving stuff on the counter.

  2. Garth! You are a menace.


  3. Well Garth I can see why you mistook the lid for a freesbie and I think you are doing a good job of recycling trash into toys.
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Hee! Hee! Garth - I'm finally catching up on all the posts I've missed and I'm glad I didn't miss this one! Gosh - who would have thought??!! You always look so calm & well-behaved and the perfect angel, especially at those tricks demo events! :-) I am really staggered at your path of destruction!! I haven't been as bad generally - am not a very "chewy" doggie - but I did once chew through the corner of one of Hsin-Yi's photo albums and boy, was she MAD!!! Especially as she knew she couldn't yell at me coz she only found it later - ha! ha! And you know how she feels about her precious photos - I couldn't have chosen anything worse to chew! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Impressive Garth!!! I stick to food related stuffs but do love cardboard boxes too!