Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why can't I go to Arizona?

My blog has been inactive for the past week because my IT staff (AKA mom & dad) spent the last week in Phoenix visiting The Grandmother Who Hates Dogs (not to be confused with my other grandmas, who all LOVE dogs).

I couldn't go with them because they think the airport and airplane ride would scare me.  They also think I wouldn't like the desert because it is hot and contains lots of sticky things and dangerous creatures.  I think I would be fine and that I would like the desert . . .

I would love the Phoenix North Mountain Preserve

I would know not to get too close to the cacti
. . . but close enough to pose for the camera

I would behave in the hotel room
I would heed all "no trespassing" signs
I would wait patiently for the connecting flights


  1. That is SOOOO wrong!

    I mean, woo khould have met Khousin Ab in Phoenix!


  2. is the SOUTH mountain preserve (I have gone for walkies there) and we think your Mom and Dad should DRIVE to Phoenix next time. If you have a week, it is 3 days there and 3 days back, wrapped around a weekend, that leaves you three days to explore PHX! The drive is boring, but you can rest up so that you can be your most impressive self with the clearly unreasonable grandma.

    We still have maps and hotel recommendations, would be happy to share them with you.

    gussie n teka

    1. Actually it's the North Mountain Preserve and that's North Mountain behind me. Mom & dad stayed at the Hilton Tapatio which is kind of surrounded by the North Mountain Preserve. They've been to South Mountain too and really love it. The Grandmother Who Hates Dogs doesn't even want to be in the same room as me (can you believe that?) and she has zero interest in hearing about me. As you can imagine, Mom was at a complete loss as to things to talk about!

  3. It's so not fair that you can't go!

  4. hey Gareth – so nice to have you back! :-) And what a clever way for your human to "take you along" on her trip! We love that Cactus – we always see things like that in cartoons but never know they really exist like that in real life. It's so cool to actually see one – ha ha! :-)

    Honey the great Dane

    1. You wouldn't believe the cacti that exist in real life. A lot of them look kind of like cartoons!

  5. I know all of that is true and I bet you missed them but that airplane flying is way too scary for doggies. Momma would never let me do it. I bet you had some fun at home too and I know you were missed!
    As for iPad blogging, have you tried posting by email? It takes some tweaking but works ok. Momma paid $5 for an app called Blogpress even though she only buys apps if there is no other alternative. So far she gives it a B-. With some ractce posting by email might be just as easy. Biggest downside is there is th order that the pics appear in the post seems to be the same as the order they were in in your album which is not always how you want it.

    1. Mom agrees totally about me flying in an airplane. She actually thinks it's way too scary for humans! She doesn't mind the flying itself -- she likes to fly -- but the airport hassles and crowds she HATES!

      They missed me terribly -- especially mom. I think she has separation anxiety! But it helped to have a life size cardboard cut-out picture of me!

      Thanks for the info!