Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fashion Lab, Part 2 - the Photo Shoot

As my readers know from my previous post (Fashion Hound . . . I mean, Lab), I have an extensive wardrobe.   I always try to look sharp, but to me function is as important as fashion.  Which is why I now own a bright yellow safety vest with reflective stripes!  Not only is it necessary for visibility on our night-time walks, it's an important fashion statement.  Yes, you can be safe and stylish at the same time!!!

My special safety vest was custom-made for me by one of my mom's former colleagues who recently retired (her puppy is SOOOOO lucky) and who is a super-nice lady.  She asked my mom for a photo of me in my safety vest, so of course we did a photo shoot.  Did I mention that modeling is among my many talents?

I think bright yellow is very becoming

Offering a side view
Yes, mommy, what shall I do next?
The looking-over-the-shoulder pose

I'm not too sure about that camera guy

Okay, I'll look at the camera

How's this angle?

I know how to work it, baby

I'll even do my penguin impression


  1. Safety vests are so important. I, Mango, never go walkies in the dark, but sometimes I go at dawn or dusk and I always wear my reflective gear. PeeWee has a whole outfit for his night walkies, complete with flashing light. I hope readers will take your advice. Momma is always super grouchy when she walks Pea at night and spots other doggies walking around with no reflectives at all.


  2. We love it! Is it waterproof ?? (looks like maybe?) And you are a great model.


  3. That's very snazzy looking! Maybe I'll harass -- I mean ask Mom to get me something similar.