Thursday, September 13, 2012

I've Been Published!!! In Print! On Paper! I'm a PUBLISHED PUPPY!!!

Remember when I won the Frosty Paws Eating Contest at the Furry Friends Jubilee back in May?  That was awesome in and of itself, but it gets better.

Can't you see I'm reading?

A couple months ago I got an email from the contributing editor of the Full Scoop, the employee newsletter for Nestle Dreyer's Ice Cream Company.  Nestle Dreyer's makes Frosty Paws.  (For my friends who live outside of the United States, Frosty Paws are these incredibly yummy, drool-producing frozen treats for dogs -- kind of like ice cream for dogs.)  A Nestle Dreyer's employee had apparently stumbled upon my blog post about winning the Frosty Paws Eating Contest, and the editor asked for permission to reprint my blog post in the next issue of Full Scoop.  I was incredibly flattered, so of course I agreed.

The latest issue of the Full Scoop just came out, and I got my copy in the mail today.  And there I am, on the back page, with my snout deep into a Frosty Paws cup.  It brought a huge smile to my mom's face -- I guess she never thought she would have a dog who was a published writer.  Mom and dad are both very proud of me, and mom is thinking about framing the page of the newsletter that contains my photo and blog post.  Mom says she's a bit concerned that my big block head may become even bigger.

It's ME

This is good stuff

I'm still reading

I'm hoping that the back page of the Full Scoop will make some Dreyer's employees smile.  It sure makes us smile. 


  1. WHOA! That is super duper amazingly awesome, Garth! Wow! I totally think you should have your mom frame it for you. Gosh, I bet she's proud! I think those Nestle Dreyer's peoples should totally gives you like a lifetime supply of Frosty Paws so that you could, uh, you know...share them with your favoritest brindle furends and stuff.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. That's PAWSOME!!! congratulations on being published. I'm sure you're going to gain a whole bunch of new fans...

  3. Awesome! Congrats Garth, you is on the way to famousness for sure!


  4. Definitely suitable fur framing! Concatulations, Garth and Mom!

  5. Congrats on being published, Garth! That's pawesome!!

  6. It makes me smile, just knowing that you are getting to be a famous doggy pal!

    Loveys Sasha

  7. That is so cool!!! Hope it makes for a start to a great weekend!

  8. Oh Garth, how completly great!!! Publish Pup you are!! Congrats to you and your mom and dad. Can imagine how proud they are now. Your Mom should frame it for sure!
    Quiet Decadent by the way; icecream for dogs.... That's something you won't find over here. And do you get some more of the company for promoting their stuff?!
    Well, congrats again!!!
    Big snuggly kisses...

  9. Well done Garth how cool is that! We don't have frosty paws here which is a shame. Congratulations and we hope you got a nice reward. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. smiling over here too! And we think you can handle the fame.

    ANd the frame too, if your mom gets aroundtwit.

    gus n teka

  11. This is AWESOME!!!!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  12. Wow, Garth!! That's so grreat. I'm sure you'll be making all sorts of peeps smile with that.

  13. Wow, that is pawesome, Garth. We are so lucky to know a celebrity:) Now to get our paws on some of those Frosty Paws.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Dear Garth,

    Congratulations on being such a well-published Dog!

    Wait - did you say FROZEN TREATS?? Can I have one??


  15. Wow, you're a star!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. Congrats on your publication. You are an author now and I can say I knew you when . . . I didn't know they had ice cream for doggies. What a good idea. Wonder if there is something for us kitties????
    Wanted to let you know that you package from the Smilie contest arrived. I haven't opened it yet as the mom wants to take photos and make a post about it. That was such a fun event. Thanks again for hosting.

  17. That is so awesome Garth! Congratulations!

  18. Yo what up, Garthman? It's me again, Reuben. I gots a question for you: where again did you say the trophies came from for the contest? You maded them, or your mom did, or maybe her friend? I knows somebody who maybe is interested in getting some of thems.

    Thanks! Love,

  19. Pawesome! Frosty Paws...this one really makes me wish I wasn't on a furever doggy diet...

    Congrats on being a published dog-author!

  20. Oh Garth!! Congratulations - what a great honour! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane