Monday, May 7, 2012

I am the Frosty Paws Eating Champion!

Yesterday our Dog Scout trick dog team did a tricks demo at the Furry Friends Jubilee. Gauis, Willow, Hero and I were all there. It went well but dad didn't get any good photos because he was trying to be the photographer, roadie, and Garth-holder all at the same time.

After the demo, we wandered around looking at the booths, and a girl came up to us and asked if I wanted to enter the Frosty Paws eating contest. Twist my paw!!!  We said "sure!" and walked over to the contest area. Mom told dad that I probably wouldn't win because I didn't do well in the last Frosty Paws eating contest I entered (okay, so I like to savor my Frosty Paws), but she said I deserved a treat after doing a tricks demo, and that's why we entered.

Well, mom was in for a surprise! I was determined to win this time, so I tried really hard. I didn't even come up for air!!! And I won first place!

Mom says this is a whole new area of potential prizes for me. (Previously I've only won tricks contests, raffles and random drawings.) She is of course very excited at the prospect of more prizes.

And the prize was pretty sweet! A 4-pack of tickets to a Flying Squirrels baseball game and a gift certificate for an emergency exam at VESC. Too bad my mom is the only person on the planet who doesn't like baseball. So I'm giving the tickets to Willow's mommy because Willow's mommy really wants to see the Flying Squirrels.

Note the concentration
I'm definitely in the zone
My technique has clearly improved
This takes great skill and talent


  1. Congratulations! Let me ask a technical question of sorts....Don't you have trouble getting the frosty paws out of the cup? I mean...Teka is pretty quick with the Frosty Paws..she has this little pointy nose and can poke it into the corners. But your nose is even more flatter than mine...and I demand that the muzzer puts the FP stuff in a bowl so I do not end up with a FP cup stuck on my nose. Any technical hints will be appreciated.

    thank you

    1. Actually I've never had any problem getting the Frosty Paws out of the cup because I have a really long tongue. More challenging is keeping the cup still while I'm licking the Frosty Paws out. If I'm eating Frosty Paws at home and the cup is on the hardwood floor, it slides around while I'm trying to eat it. Often mom holds the cup for me and sometimes she even spoons it out and I lick it off the spoon. (Yes, I'm a bit spoiled.) In this contest, our moms weren't allowed to hold the cups for us. So I just smushed my snout up against the cup to pin the cup to the ground, then used my tongue to lick the Frosty Paws out very quickly. (I believe I pioneered this technique.) I'm lucky that my snout is too big to get stuck in the cup. I can see how it might be a problem if your snout was just big enough to fit into the cup.

  2. Wow, what concentration! What skill! What control! You definitely deserved first place.

  3. Ah, a true labradog. Eat first, taste later.


  4. congratulations Garth! That's some achievement! Look at that look of concentration on your face as you're eating the Frosty Paws… Speaking of which, I have heard a lot about them from my American doggy friends but I have never had one… Very jealous! :-)

    Honey great Dane