Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Wiener Weekend!

This past weekend, we went to the North Carolina Wiener Roast!  

The N.C. Wiener Roast was started in 2003 as a way for rescue wieners to reconnect with their rescuers and former foster parents.  It's like a big doxie family reunion with contests and prizes and treats and more wiener dogs than I've ever seen in my entire life.  It's also a fundraiser for dachshund rescue.

So how did a lab get involved in a wiener event?  Well, last year the event's organizer contacted my mom and asked if she would be willing to make prizes for this year's event.  She had seen my friend Reuben's prizes from my First Ever Silly Photo Contest and she really liked the idea of unique, hand-crafted prizes.  Mom said sure!  We had never heard of the Wiener Roast, but we learned about it and thought it sounded like a really cool event.  When we heard they were looking for sponsors for this year's event, I told momma I wanted to be a sponsor and she said okay!  (Although I wanted to sponsor them for eleventy-billion dollars, mom said that would not work with our blog budget, so I became a "Cocktail Wiener" sponsor.)

Momma made trophy-shaped ornaments for the prizes for the different doxie contests.

Friday night we drove down to Greensboro, N.C., where we stayed at the official doxie hotel, and Saturday morning we got up and went to a castle!  (Because where else would you hold a wiener event, right?)

Am I allowed to walk over
the drawbridge?

I think I want my own castle now

We had so much fun, and saw more wieners than you can possibly imagine -- all different colors and sizes, all having a great time with their humans and wiener friends!

We met so many nice people and pups, and we met some amazing people who devote a huge amount of time and energy to rescuing wieners.  But the highlight of the day was meeting one of my idols, Reuben of Floppy Tongue Joy!


I even got a pawtographed copy of his new book, A Guide to Braveries for Small Dogs.  (You can learn about his book in his post I is a Published Author Now and you can purchase a copy from West Summit Publishing.)

Now that he's famous and a major big-shot, I thought Reuben might be too important and too busy pawtographing copies of his book to meet me.  But he took the time to say hello!

Um, what are you doing back there little buddy?

Reuben was quite fierce and very intimidating

But it was GREAT to meet him and
his momma and his people sister

Momma volunteered to help clean up after the event was over, then we all went back to the official doxie hotel and napped.  That evening was the celebration dinner, and mom and dad BOTH won door prizes for me -- toys and gift cards!  You KNOW I love winning prizes, but the best part of the weekend was meeting some very cool people and pups, and being able to help out doxies like my pal Reuben find a wonderful forever home, just like Reuben did.

I'm sad that it's over and can't wait 
'til next year to see my new friends


  1. Hey Garth, it's great to see you back! And what a weekend - well done, sponsoring such a great event and those prizes look amazing - your Mom is very clever! We love to hear happy stories like this, of all those wonderful two legged ones who help out us four legged ones!



  2. Dear Garth: What a wonderful weekend you and your pawrents had! I have just one question:

    Did you step on any of those critters and totally smush them?

    I think you must be quite nimble and quick.

    Gus Dagger

  3. Wow Garth what a great event and how kind of mum to help out even with the cleaning up. We love Reuben and we are waiting for his book to come out on Kindle and we will so be getting a copy. Fabulous that you got to meet up. Nice one pal. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We are thrilled that you actually got to attend the event Garth and even more excited that you met Reuben in the furs! He's such a cool and funny dude. We think he really liked meeting you too. Your Mom made the best prizes, they are so beautiful! Good job supervising the event!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  5. That looks like a great event, your Mum is very talented.


  6. What a super event Garth...and getting to meet Reuben...Wow! He is one of the funniest kewlest dawgs in Blogville and a famous author...You fit right in with those doxies and must have made a lot of nuew furriends

  7. What a totally pawesome event! I'm glad you were able to get involved. Your paw-crafted trophies are the BEST prize!

  8. What a great event! And what a great location! Is there a Doxie brother or sister in your future? :)

  9. How fun! And what a great cause!


  10. Oh how exciting Garth! Very nice of you and your mom to help out with all those wieners.

  11. Oh this sounds terrific! We wouldn't mind a few wieners
    Benny & Lily

  12. That's so exciting, Garth! I hope my rescue gets to participate next year. :-) I love the pictures of you and Reuben...even if he did get a little too "friendly" with your back leg!

  13. I so think you should have your own csstle too!! Well done you on supporting a fab event and winning prizes!

  14. OMD!! That event look so FABulous Garth!! It really looked like everyone had a great time! Wows, your Moms is like SUPER talented! Those Ornies were amazin'!! Very cool. I'm sure everyone was really proud to have one of those!
    Oh, that Reuben sure is frisky!! BOL
    He cracks me up!

  15. What a great even Garth and so cool of you to sponsor! I is glad you won some prizes and had a nice time!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  16. Wilhelm (our doxie) loves, loves labs and he would have been thrilled to see you at a dachshund event!

  17. Okay, I no knows how I missed this post before - I think my secretary has been sleeping on the job. And by "secretary" I mean "cat," and by "sleeping" I mean "doesn't know how to type." Anyways, I is soooooo happy I gotted to meet you (not the kind of happy I actually displayed there), and honored that you drove such a long way, made prizes, did a sponsorship and helped clean up too! You guys must has just crashed at the hotel, I was crashed already before we even gotted home! Of course, we only had to drive one half hour. Thank you for supporting doxie rescue and for being so extremely soft and pettable (that is what my mama says). We loved meeting your mama and daddy too and I only wishes we could does it again at Blog Paws this weekend, but sadly we no is going. Take lots of photos and give out lots of those fantastic business cards, okay buddy?


  18. Yay....we love wieners :) Looks like you had fun.