Friday, May 24, 2013

FitDog Friday: Take a Hike!


If you've been following my blog, you know that mom and I like to hike.  A LOT.  We haven't been posting as much about our hikes lately, but we've actually been hiking more than ever.  

Posing for a photo during a hike of the flood wall

We enjoy hiking because we both love being outside and moving.  I get to really be a dog when I'm hiking, and mom gets a break from stuff, and we both get great exercise.

But we don't just hike with each other.  We lead hikes with other people and dogs because we love getting other dogs out and showing them a great time, and showing people the awesome trails we have right in our own city.  Mom and I have been leading our Dog Scout troop hikes for a while now, and we recently started leading hikes for a Meetup group called Canine Adventure's Human Adventure.  If you live in or near Richmond, Virginia (or if you happen to be passing through), you could come join us!

Can you believe this is in the city?

Hiking with others is a GREAT way to exercise for both dogs and humans because it's FUN.  It's also a wonderful way for dogs to socialize.  A lot of dogs who aren't comfortable with other dogs in a dog park-type setting are very happy hiking with other dogs.

Hiking is also pretty easy to do.  You don't need any special equipment to go hiking other than a good pair of shoes (or hiking boots if you plan to hike on steep trails with uneven footing).  Mom always carries a daypack with a dog first aid kit and a human first aid kit, water for both of us, and a water bowl.  

If you don't know the trails, start by hiking with a group such as a local Dog Scout troop or Meetup group.  Exchange numbers or emails with people you meet on the hikes and arrange your own hikes once you know the trails. 

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  1. We love to hike too GR. That group you started sounds pretty awesome!!

  2. Very inspirational, Garth. You, mom & your group sure go on some lovely hikes. We like to hike with friends too but it's usually just human friends.

  3. Love the Dog Scout hikes. You are a role model and a very fit dog1

  4. Garth brilliant way to stay or get fit for all of us. Have a fabulous fit Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. What a great group meet-up. Will definitely check out the Dog Scout. Happy FitDog Friday. Golden Woofs!

  6. Thanks for sharing the Dog Scout info! Again, it was SO great to going one of your adventures at BlogPaws!

    On another note, we're looking at a few trips this summer, and I think we discussed a few of the locations. Any places you've been and loved in Asheville, Highlands, Charleston or Savannah? Still working on the Charleston/Savannah trip and wondering if we should stick to one or both cities.
    Your pals,
    Diane and Rocco

  7. We have been doing a lot of hiking recently too. Before long the weather will turn hot, and the collies won't want to go for long hikes. So we are getting out and hitting the trails as much as possible.

    I like that you hike with others! We don't know anyone in our area who enjoys hiking with their dogs, but I wish we did!

  8. Just started with two new rescues that have never been on a trail before, they are kids in a candy shop! So happy to be out and about!

  9. Just started working with two new rescues that have found a love for hiking and trail running! Great pics!

  10. I go to Richmond 4 or 5 times a year and didn't know there were all those trails there! I'm usually stuck in the city working though.

    Looks like fun!!

    Elyse and Riley

  11. I like all the labs on a hike. Hiking is great exercise and great for fun new sights to see too.

  12. You know Giz & I love to hike and hiking with pals is always fun but now that summer is here most of our Meetup group has stopped hiking so we're on our own...We did look for a Dog Scout troop but the website is down and we couldn't get any info (if you know of a way to search from troops let us know)

  13. Oh, that looks like tons of funs Garth!! I loves all the purty pics of the lovely oasis!
    And, of course, you and your furends walkin' togethers is always a treat!

  14. If I'm ever in your area Garth I will definitely have to join you for a hike!

  15. We used to hike a lot but haven't done any for years. You reminded me of how much fun it is! That is great that you get other dogs and their people out there too, Garth. It must be even more fun with a group!

  16. Hi Garthy!! How fun! Hey you have a twin in that picture!!


    Pee.s. You are very handsome!

  17. Garth, that is so cool that you can get out and have all the funs!

    Loveys Sasha

    Happy Memorial Day

  18. How cool! We have lots of great hiking trails here in Vancouver and Mama has promised to explore them with us this summer. It's our responsibility to make sure she puts down the compter once in a while and gets out of the house!