Monday, July 22, 2013

Product Review: Pawalla Subscription Boxes

Several weeks ago, Pawalla asked me to do a product review of their subscription box service. They sent me a Pawalla box free of charge, but I received no other compensation for this review.  

The opinions expressed herein are entirely my own
(Yes, I really talk like this)

When you purchase a Pawalla subscription, they send you a box every month filled with a toy, all natural or organic food, and treats to try, and if you like the products, you can order more from the Pawalla Store.  A pet nutritionist selects the products to be included in each box. 

Pawalla sent me a Deluxe Box.  I was surprised to see that the box was almost twice as large as other subcription box products I have received in the past.

Box on bottom is Pawalla Deluxe
 Top box is competing subscription service

A bigger box means more goodies for me

Our Deluxe Box contained all kinds of good stuff:

By Nature Entrees Salmon with Lentils in Yogurt & Lemon Grass Sauce
By Nature Entrees Duck, Green Beans and Wild Rice Stew
YumZies Natural Hickory Bacon Treats
Wigzi Bone
Locomotion Pet Treats - Honey Apple
Honest Kitchen Ice Pups Doggie Walk Bag
The Flying Basset Breath Spray

The box also contained a booklet about The Honest Kitchen, which makes us want to try Honest Kitchen dog food because it's 100% human grade, and we like everything we read about Honest Kitchen.  (We care about things like how a company treats its employees and the environment, where it gets ingredients, and its support of nonprofits.)

Pawalla Boxes come in two sizes, Deluxe and Mini. Deluxe Boxes are $30 per month with a monthly subscription and $28 per month with a six month subscription.  Mini Boxes are $20 per month with monthly subscription and $18 per month with a six month subscription.  Deluxe Boxes contain 7-9 products, including wet food, and Mini Boxes contain 4-5 products, with no wet food.  (All include free shipping.)  See Get Your First Box to order.

You can also order Single Boxes for $31 for a Deluxe Box and $21 for a Mini Box.  They have boxes for puppies, adult dogs, and seniors, and for big dogs and little dogs.  They even have boxes for adult cats and kitties!  We think a single box or a subscription would make a wonderful gift for that special dog or cat in your life.

Something in here smells GOOOOOD

I'll just wait here until mom decides to give me a treat

We like a lot of things about Pawalla.  The treats and food are all natural or organic, and the contents are customized for the size and age of your dog or cat.  The Deluxe Boxes are larger and contain more stuff and more variety than other comparably-priced subscription services, and the food and treats appear to be high quality.  All consumable products contained within the boxes are made in the United States, and that's important to us.  We also like that Pawalla introduces humans to "boutique" brands (such as Honest Kitchen) that focus on manufacturing healthier foods and treats for pets. We are looking for alternatives to our current brand of dog food, so we like the opportunity to sample different brands without having to buy a whole package.

I enthusiastically recommend Pawalla.  
Pawalla gets my highest rating - four paws - for value, contents made with healthy ingredients, variety of contents, and yumminess of contents*

*Yumminess of contents is based upon taste-testing two sample products contained within the box, YumZies Natural Hickory Bacon Treats and Locomotion Honey Apple Pet Treats.

We assembled a panel of taste testers:

Mia, Garth, and Sadie, Taste Testers

First we tried the Locomotion treats.  All three of us gobbled them down and Sadie demanded more. They were like human cookies - crunchy and really yummy!

Sadie demanding more

Then we tried the YumZies.  We all gobbled those down as well.  They were also super yummy.  Mom says the YumZies would make good training treats because they are small and soft.  

Here Sadie is trying to intercept treats meant for me

Many thanks to Pawalla for letting me review their subscription box service.  Now I need another treat.  

Nom nom nom

Update: September 3, 2013
*News Flash*
Pawalla is discontinuing their subscription box service.  That makes me very sad.


  1. well that is one box we wouldn't mind receiving - that was some good goodies to try out and an excellent review

  2. That is a pawsome haul of Goodies garth. Enjoy. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You really did get a deluxe box of goodies. We didn't know they have a deluxe. Enjoy.

  4. Wow what a pawsome box of goodies.


  5. Wow, those stuffs look good! And how nice to share with your friends :D I no is very good at sharing...


  6. MMOOOOOMMMMMM!!! Come here and read this!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  7. Wow, that is a big sized box and it is stuffed with goodies. Excellent review GR!

  8. Great review. Look at all that great stuff
    Benny & Lily

  9. Your box looks fantastic Garth - great review! Shiner has reviewed Honest Kitchen in the past and just recently she got to try some of that goat's milk you sent over. I don't think you could go wrong with their food, if you can afford it :)

  10. Looks like fun but even though there are two of us dogs in the house, we always feel like these boxes have stuff we would never use, so I doubt we will ever order. We could donate what we don't use but it seems easier to just buy what we want and buy things or donate money to our pet causes. Great review, though.

  11. They looks very good Garth! Mum interested to see if you can recomend any similar service in the UK?
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  12. WOW you got 2 boxes. We LOVE Pawalla too. They have a great selection of treats/toys. That ice pups is something we would like to try. ENJOY your goodies n PAWsome you shared it. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Wow you got lots of stuff in your box. In the UK we have Fings for Fido, but I think your box was better!

  14. We got this box too. Chester and Gretel are eating the canned food right now :) Chester doesn't usually play with treat toys but we liked the WIGZI bone.

  15. Last week I found out Pawalla was discontinuing their subscription service, and referring customers to Barkbox. (I subscribe to both.) This was very disappointing. My pup and I enjoy receiving both boxes - and I was just about ready to upgrade his Mini Pawalla box to a Deluxe, with the food samples and other goodies. It's like Christmas every month, and he benefits from the organic treats and durable toys in both. I rarely go to the chain pet stores anymore, except for more heavy-duty treats and a few favorite toys.

    Interestingly, rather than reimbursing everyone, they fulfilled the remaining months in one go, as best they could. I found about 7 boxes on my doorstep yesterday. It was quite funny. The UPS guy must have been puzzled. Owing to them having to empty their warehouse of stock, I guess, many of the boxes were repeats and I'm having to share duplicates and triplicates with a friend's dog.

    1. Thank you for the heads up. We too are very disappointed. :(