Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Best News EVER! I Won a Trip to BarkWorld from Pruven!

BarkWorld just announced the first winner of the contest hosted by Pruven by 3M, and guess who it is!!!

My entry Top Ten Reasons I Want to Go to BarkWorld was selected!  I am so excited I can hardly contain myself -- and my momma is even more excited!  You see, today is her birthday, so she had an extra birthday surprise when the winner was announced!  We've never been to BarkWorld before and we know it will be an awesome experience.  We can't wait!

Thank you so much to everyone who shared my post and helped me win!  And many thanks to Pruven and BarkWorld!


  1. Oh my gosh congratulations Garth!

  2. Well some awesome congrats are in order, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to momma, second, WOW a free trip to barkworld. Just read your ten reasons, yep that was a winning list, bet all the girls are waiting on you to be there, have tons of fun Garth.

    The Mad Scots

  3. Oh Garthie, I just knowed you was going to win!!! You must be doing a big happy wiggle butt dance right now. I would like to extend a large imaginary birthday bacon cake to your mama on this suspicious - I mean, auspicious - day, and I no can waits to hear all about your Barkworld adventures!


  4. Well that is a very happy birthday indeed - congrats!

  5. So lucky!!! Congratulations
    Benny & Lily

  6. Congratulations Garth and well done. Happy Birthday mum. Have a tremendous Thursday and we hope it is a good one on your special day.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Oh wow, congratulations!!!! Enjoy every minute of it!

  8. I am so pleased for you!!! and happy birthday to your mum!

  9. Good Work!

    Congratulations... Are you gonna let your Dad go along???

    gus n teka

  10. Congrats Garth! SlimDoggy will see you there-- we are presenting on Friday.

  11. CONGRAT'S Garth & Mom! What an honor fur sure.

    That's a fantastic B-Day prezzie for Mom. Happy Birthday :)

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  12. YAY Garth! You should celebrate by playing in the mud...sorry mom! Congratulations...well deserved and I am sure you will bring much joy to people and anipals at BarkWorld!

  13. OMD, that's so exciting! I can't think of another pup who deserves it more. I can't wait to read your reports of Barkworld.

    Happy barkday to your momma!

  14. Bark bark bark! Congratulations Garth! If anydog deserves this, it's you!


  15. YEA!!!! Oh, that is just the bestest news EVER!!! Wows!!!
    Very pawsome dude! I can't wait to see all the funs you have there!
    Oh, and Happy Happy Burthday to your Moms!!!!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: tell your Moms I got the PAWSOME box of goodies, and will be postin' next week!!! (Ma's a little behind....)

  16. Lucky you! We can't go this year, maybe next. We were at BlogPaws but didn't get to meet you. Right now we are having a giveaway on my blog with prizes I won from Hill's, hope you check it out! Love Dolly

  17. Happy Birthday to Mom Garth...what a fine present this is...We're happy you won cause now we get to meet you in the furs and remember efurrybody...Pawty in Garth's room!

  18. Congratulations to you and happy belated Birthday to your Mama. It will be cool for her to experience the difference between BlogPaws and BarkWorld. They are both amazing but I have found them to be completely different.