Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Keys Stories, Part 2 - Crazy SUP PUP Maneuvers and the Wayward Husky

Our second day in Key Largo began with a morning walk to the other side of the island to see the ocean.

GOOOOOOD Morning, Key Largo

Then we went to Mrs. Mac's Kitchen for breakfast -- and more photos.  

Posing in front of the Mrs. Mac's sign

After breakfast, I took a nap while mom and dad went snorkeling, so I was all rested up for our afternoon pack adventure.

After lunch, mom, dad and I went on a paddleboard ecotour with PADDLE! The Florida Keys (who we highly recommend, by the way - check out mom's Trip Advisor review).  Our guide took us to a place we never would have found on our own, Dove Sound and Dove Creek in Tavernier.

We paddled around Dove Sound, then we went down Dove Creek, a tiny creek through the mangroves.  We saw parrotfish and mangrove snappers and nurse sharks, and dad even saw a sea turtle but it swam away before mom and I could see it.  (Which was okay with me.  You never know when a sea turtle is gonna' decide to add labrador to its diet.)

Exploring the mangroves

Dad was rocking a super-fast board,
leaving us behind

When we got to a nice, deep canal, we took a break. 

It was a warm day, so mom decided to take a (voluntary) swim to cool off.  This provided me with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate my paddleboarding skills without a human in the way.

I can stand at the far back on the board, no problem

Surveying the area for creatures who might want to eat me

What's THAT?  Oh, just mom's foot.

Mom says there are no hungry sea creatures here,
but I'm not buying it

Mom said the water felt good, so she tried to "encourage" me to join her, but I was determined to stay on the board, and I did.  (This is amazing, by the way.)

Nope.  Not going in.

When break time was over, we headed back down the canal.  Mom was trying to get yet another photo of me, so she backed up a bit, and she toppled right off the back of the board, thus taking a second (involuntary) swim.  Did I fall off?  Nope.  (Daddy dog says it is important to note that he didn't fall off his board either.  Mom fell off and he didn't.)

Still on the lookout for sea creatures

We paddled back through the mangroves

One of the many advantages of being short

How many pups get to go on an adventure like this?

On our way back from the put-in place, we were stopped at a stop sign, and we saw a husky slip through a gate and take off running down the road, with a human running after him and calling to him.  The husky was paying no attention to the human -- he just kept running.  (Sometimes huskies do that, we've been told.)

We watched as several cars drove by, and the husky just kept running.  So mom told dad to drive past the husky, then stop.  Dad drove a little ways past the husky (who was still running) and pulled over.  Mom opened the door and got out, and a few seconds later the husky ran between our car and the thick brush at the side of the road, and mom grabbed him by the collar.  Mom said to him, "It's okay sweetie.  I know you're afraid because I'm a strange person grabbing you, but your mom will be here in a minute and it will be okay."   

A man on a bicycle who had been trying to help catch the dog and the woman who had been chasing him both came up and put a harness and leash on the dog, and thanked momma over and over.  The man said they needed to rename the husky Houdini, and the woman was thanking mom and crying and said she was afraid the husky was going to make it to Route 1 (the busy major road that runs the length of the Keys).  

We were so glad we were driving by at that particular time and that momma's timing was perfect and she was able to grab the husky.  I'm not a Houdini-dog, and I have no interest in running from mom and dad (after all, they have the treats), but if I did, mom and dad sure hope someone driving by would help. 

We went back to the hotel with a good feeling because the Houdini-husky doggy was safe at home that night.  We had a wonderful adventure, then we were able to help out someone who needed it.  What more could you want out of a day?


  1. What a great vacation you had there Garth! We loved the paddleboarding adventures. We sure can't blame you for not wanting to swim in that water. We too would be very afraid of monsters trying to nibble on our toes.

    We're so glad that your Mom was able to help that husky. Your Mom is a HERO!!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Wow, what an adventure! Paddleboarding looks totally pawesome. I need to talk Momma into taking me sometime. I can handle water if I'm lounging on a board. I'm glad Houdini is safe with his momma again too! (Did you know my middle name is Houdini?)

  3. Garth, what hotel did you stay at in Key Largo? Did I miss that from another post? Ma's sister used to live in Tavernier...until she moved to Islamorada, that is. Ma loves the mangroves except when there are low hanging spiders and webs...ick! I have never been on a paddle board myself...I don't think I could stay on. It seems so...precarious. But since you are a super-duper trick dog, I bet it is easy for you!
    I love the Keys. Next time, let us know you are coming BEFORE you actually get here! BOL
    *high paws*

    1. We stay at the Hilton Key Largo when we're in Key Largo because they allow dogs. Mom let the guide and daddy dog catch all the spider webs! BOL!

  4. Holy guacamole! That was one super exciting day! I'm so glad you were able to help that husky dog. We're not much into running off either. I mean, we KNOW how good we got it here.

    I'm Most Impressed that you stayed on that floating board. I sure wouldn't have gone in either. But I'm kinda surprised that a labradog like you didn't WANT to dive right in.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. Pawsome day Garth...going through mangrove tunnels is so cool...and being short (or as Momz sez "space efficient") really does help...

  6. I am mega impressed with your board skills and hurray that your mumma was there to save Mr Houdini!

  7. Mom had a husky growing up and he was always running away from home and getting into trouble. I guess he got a ride in the police car back home a few times too. FL looks like fun, but Mom and I are with you and are afraid of things like snakes, turtles and gators lurking around waiting to eat us ;)

    1. Momma says sea turtles don't eat doggies, and there were no 'gators cause it's salt water (otherwise she wouldn't have been swimming), but I'm not taking any chances!

  8. Looks like you had such a great time!
    So glad your mummy was there to catch Houdini the husky! I'm a good girl and don't run off too far - mostly cos mummy has treats :-)