Monday, October 21, 2013

#ScoopThatPoop - The Poetry of Poop

For the third Scoop That Poop Blog Hop, we will be raising awareness about the importance of scooping poop by . . . writing poetry.  Yes, you read that right.  Scoop That Poop will be hosting a poetry contest, sponsored by Earth Rated Poop Bags.  For details about the contest and to enter, check out my pal Sugar's latest post at Golden Woofs.

I wrote a poem about how much I like to eat poop, but mom reminded me that the focus of Scoop That Poop is to encourage people to pick up poop and dispose of it properly -- and she says eating poop is not disposing of it properly.  There's no point in arguing with her.  So I wrote another poem . . . 

Garth's Poop Poem

We all need clean water to drink,
Because, you know, there is a link,
Between water pollution and doggy poo,
But there is something we all can do:

Always pick up your doggie's poop,
Use a bag, or use a scoop,
It doesn't matter how you do it,
Just pick it up, do it, DO IT.

Another Poop Poem by Garth

Some people say that poop is icky,
But leaving poop can make you sickie,
Dog poop contains lots of germs:
Bacteria, viruses, even worms.

Rain washes poop into the Bay,
And all the rivers, where we play,
So when you do not pick up poop,
The rivers & oceans become poop soup.

This is water where we swim and drink,
We don't want poop in it, don't you think?

See, it's easy.  Just write a poem, go to Golden Woofs to enter your poem, and maybe win some great Earth Rated Poop Bags.

Many thanks to Earth Rated for sponsoring 
the third Scoop That Poop Blog Hop 
and Poop Poetry Contest.

I'm exhausted after that burst of creative genius


  1. Garth that is poo-etry in motion. Wonderful pal and joking aside we too always pick up. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Garth, you are brilliant my pal! I love both your poems but I think I would have really loved your poem about eating poop. I bet it was funny. Those moms sometimes...they have no sense of humor.
    *high paws*
    (Hey...are you back from your Keys vacation yet?! How was it?)

  3. You are a poo genius, Garth! What grreat poems.

  4. BRAVO two very good poems! I'm not a water guy but I like it to drink and with poo...that's not tasty :o)

  5. I much prefer your second poem. Very inspiring.


  6. Wow, two poems, I had trouble getting just one written, you are talented! Thanks for scooping!

  7. LOVE that picture of you Garth and you sure did come up with some great poetry...but are you sure your mom won't let you post the one about eating poop...Momz & I are pretty twisted so we wanna read that one too BOL!

  8. Whoa Garth - your poems were seriously pawsome! You have some mad rhyming skills!

  9. Could you give us a sneaky preview of the poop eating poem Garth? That sounds like it could be fun!

  10. Those are great poems. Cubby wants to read the one about eating poop too! We're laffin' at Poop Soup!

  11. Misaki's right, these poems are so good we want the one about eating poop too!