Friday, October 12, 2012

FROSTY PAWS GIVEAWAY for National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!

Photo courtesy of Frosty Paws®

Super-Exciting Post Alert: Please note that the contents of this post may lead to uncontrollable tail-wagging.

October is National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!  The generous people who make Frosty Paws® Frozen Treats came up with a great way to celebrate National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month -- by giving away Frosty Paws prize packages!  They have provided me with TEN Frosty Paws prize packages to give away to ten of my readers.  As my readers well know, Frosty Paws is one of my absolute favorite treats, so I am thrilled to be hosting this giveaway.  

Each prize package consists of two coupons for a box of Frosty Paws for you and a plush toy Frosty for your human puppy siblings.  [Total ARV $17.63]  Please note that the Frosty plush toys are not suitable for dogs.  Since Frosty Paws are only available in the United States, I can only award prizes to U.S. residents.

To determine who gets a prize package, I am holding a Support Your Shelter/Rescue Challenge in honor of National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.  For various reasons, we can't all go out and adopt a shelter dog right now, but there are many other ways in which we can support animal shelters and rescue organizations.

This is how my Support Your Shelter/Rescue Challenge works:
To enter the giveaway, post a comment below telling me how you &/or your humans have supported an animal shelter or rescue organization in the past (by adopting a shelter/rescue animal, volunteering, donating money or goods, etc.), or how you have helped a homeless dog find a forever home.  
(If you are unable to post a comment below, you may enter by sending an email to me at  I'll do another post at the end of the contest which will include the email entries.  Please put "Adopt A Shelter Dog Frosty Paws giveaway" in the subject of the email.)

There are many ways you can support your local shelter or rescue group: by adopting a shelter/rescue dog, fostering a dog, volunteering for a shelter/rescue, making a donation to a shelter/rescue, participating in or attending a fund-raising event, etc.  If you have provided a foster or forever home for a homeless dog, that counts, even if you didn’t go through a shelter or rescue organization.  This will hopefully give others ideas of ways they can help support their local shelter or rescue organization.

To give you some ideas, I'll tell you about some things my humans and I have done recently to support animal shelters and rescue groups.  This year, my mom, dad, and I have helped animal shelters and rescues by:
Organizing & participating in Dog Scout Troop 194's fundraiser for SEVA GRREAT (Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training), sponsoring my buddy Cisco's bid for the Richmond Animal League 2013 calendar, participating in the Richmond SPCA Dog Jog, contributing to Odessa Rescue and Rehabilitation's chip-in for Jasmine, donating items to Odessa Rescue's auction, attending Henrico Humane Society’s Bark in the Park, supporting Marr-Velous Pet Rescues & Adoptions by attending Yappy Hour, and referring friends to local animal shelters and rescue organizations.  See how easy it is to help homeless animals! 

If you haven't done anything to support your local shelter/rescue organization, you can still enter this giveaway by doing something and then posting a comment about it.  If you don’t have money to donate, you can donate your time or you could donate something you make to an auction.  Mom was very pleased and amazed that a frame and five ornaments she donated to Odessa Rescue’s auction brought in over $100 for Odessa! 

Bonus entry:
To get an additional entry in the contest, do something during the month of October to support an animal shelter or rescue organization, and post a comment (or send me an email) about it.  Make an additional donation, take a shelter dog for a walk, attend a fund-raiser, etc.

The contest is open to dogs, cats, etc., but you must have a dog family member or friend who will enjoy the Frosty Paws -- I don't want any coupons going to waste!  You must be a United States resident because Frosty Paws are only available in the U.S. (sorry my non-U.S.-resident friends).

The contest begins today and will continue through 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time on October 27.  Winners will be chosen by a random drawing.  I will put all names in a basket and will draw ten names.  Winners will be announced on October 28.

Don't worry if it takes a while for your comment to appear.  I moderate the comments, so they disappear after you type them, then appear after they have been approved.

Good luck!

Many thanks to Frosty Paws for providing all prize package materials, including coupons, plush toys, and shipping envelopes, and for paying all shipping costs!  The giveaway was totally their idea!  I LOVE Frosty Paws!  (and no, they are not paying me to say that!)

Doing my part to support Henrico Humane Society
at Bark in the Park 2012 (Frosty Paws-eating contest)

"In a Frosty Paws-eating contest, 
everyone is a winner." - Garth Riley


  1. My Mom works here in Central Florida for an Olive Garden. Through out the year, they save all used fry pans and anything else metal there, and turn it in for money. Our employees also save any crates, cages, etc. Then we collect blankets, towels and such. Some people buy pet food, cat food, liter and toys. All of this is then donated to our local animal shelter. It is so much fun!! When we sell our house and move to NH, my Mom wants soooo badly to volunteer in an animal shelter there, since she will be retired!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy
    PS: My Mom has never bought me any Frosty Paws yet! She keeps forgetting! Or, maybe she is just a CHEAPWAD!

    1. That's awesome Miss Mindy! We think it's great what your mom does and great that the Olive Garden employees all get together to help!

  2. Hi Garth,
    We do our part to help our local humaine society by donating gently used t-shirts, older towels and blankies. We also make financial donations to them when we lose loved ones. Last Christmas time, Mommy dropped off to them a BIG box of dog treats for all the puppers there. (Tho she couldn't stay long, because it broke her heart to see so many there ~ ADOPT people, ADOPT!)

    What a wonderful contest for Frosty Paws! One of our very favorite yummies.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    1. Donating t-shirts, towels & blankies is a great idea and something we hadn't thought of. And it's also awesome to think of the homeless pups at Christmas time.

  3. Wow, AND a plush toy! Awesome, great giveaway!

    I helped a local shelter by donating a bag of Blue Buffalo dog food and $50 cash to them when they had an influx of half starved dogs from a local "breeder".

    1. Shelters especially need help at times like that -- it's so good of you to chip in and help!

  4. Oh wow! We love Frosty Paws here!

    We have gone to a fundraiser for Bidawee (Long Island) and we paid extra moneys to have Finn participate in all the little activities. It was fun and for a good cause!

    1. We love it when we can have fun and support shelter/rescue animals at the same time!!!

  5. I was rescued from a shelter 7 years ago and I have the best furever home any pup could have. Mommy has a regular donation set up for the Michigan Humane Society monthly. We also buy extra bags and cans of food every 2 weeks and donate them to local shelters. I wish everyone could do just 1 thing to help shelter pals. It makes Mommy sad to think about all of them so we do what we are able to do. I hope other people do the same.

    Loveys Sasha

    1. Part of the reason I created this challenge is to encourage everyone to do something to help shelter/rescue animals and to show that there's a lot of different ways to help. Even the little things add up!

      I'm soooo happy for you that you found the best furever home, Sasha!

  6. I am only 5 months old, so what I am writing about actually happened before I was born!, but last January, when my 2-legged (human) brother had his 6th birthday, the theme was Scooby Doo and his friends were asked, instead of presents, to bring food or a toy for a dog or a cat. The day after the party, he brought all the donated loot to our local pet shelter! This went a long way helping those dogs & cats AND it was a learning experience for the kids -- a win / win!
    Wagging my tail (WMT),

    1. I LOVE that idea! What a wonderful idea and what a great thing your human brother did to collect food and toys for shelter animals! You must be very proud of your human brother!

  7. What a cool giveaway. We never saw the stuffy before. Yummy
    Benny & Lily

  8. How cool!
    My two kitty sisters are shelter cats (we got them almost 6 years ago), our cockatiel was abandoned at my grandpa's apartment and we rehabilitated him, we have 3 rescue chickens, we donated things like treats and leashes to shelters and Mom volunteer's at our local humane society.
    Even though I'm from a responsible breeder, I support rescues!

    1. I too am from a responsible breeder (a really awesome one, in fact) but my whole family feels very strongly about supporting rescues and shelters -- just like your family. I have a friend who has a couple rescue chickens, and she's trying to train them with a clicker!

  9. Oh, and every month we donate $25 to Florida Dachshund Rescue

  10. We cannot join in as we are over the pond but we wish you well Garth with your great competition. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  11. Hi, I'm Chloe Airedale, CGC, adopted Nov.1, 2006. My people have helped me pay back the good people of Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption every year for the past six. I have marched in parades, conducted several home visits (I like to see what kind of reaction the candidates have to some of the antics I pull in their houses--like tripping my hu-mom in the front door and busting her glasses). This year was special because we got to do a home visit for the very first people we ever visited. They were ready to adopt another dog. I save my biscuit money and send it in for Airedales in need all over the world--from Spain to Australia to New Mexico. We've been to fundraisers for ATRA, and mom carries contact cards in her wallet, and to every event we attend where we live to tell about ATRA. She edited the ATRA national newsletter for two years and now keeps up the Facebook page. One year she even sewed a square for a fancy quilt for Airedales, and she'd never quilted before. Why, just this month she won a neat baby size quilt for financially supporting this year's National Airedale Rescue quilt project--they drew her name at a dog show on October 7. Thanks to everyone who helps rescue and adopt!

  12. Hi Garthie! Never has I has a Frostie Paw before, so here I submits my submission for a Frostie Paw.

    Both me and my unfortunate not-girlfriend Gretchen is adopted. I knows, I was totally surprised when I founded out! Daddy has a lot of red hair, just like me. Anyway, Mama also is liking to participate in Face Books auctions when she can - the monies raised goes to help dogs and cats to get their surgicals and recover from all kinds of disasters. Mama helps out with some web stuffs for Almost Home Dachshund Rescue too, and we is totally looking forward to Wiener Roast 2013! Therefore, you should choose me, Reuben, and also my people sister, to recieve these delicacies and chewies-i-no-is-supposed-to-chew-on.


    PeeS. Garthie, I no gotted the picture you posted on my wall for people sister! Can you posts it again? I think a catses ate it.

  13. What a great contest...
    Both of my girlz are rescues, Gracie(yellow lab) was one day away from death and Schatzie (GSD)was a breeder surrender. We were able to adopt them thru Paws to Love Rescue out of South Dakota. Since their adoption we have also provided transportation and lodging for Buck a yellow lab that was headed to his forever home. Last Oct. we fosterd Miss Molly, another neglected yellow lab, she stayed with us for 6 months til her forever family found her via Paws to Love.
    We give a few green papers almost every time we go to the pet store
    Monies are given to local shelters :) We also load up old towels and newspapers are give these to the shelters.
    We just sent(last friday) green papers to our buddy Goose's to give to the people in Utah that are building a shelter for homeless peeps and their pets.
    Wish we could do more, but I guess every little bit helps.
    val and the girlz

  14. It was so PAWSOME of Frosty Paws to give you all those prizes! And what a grreat idea for a contest too. This way everybody wins, especially the shelters!!

    I do lots and lots to help with a rescue group, the fangtastic LEGACY BOXER RESCUE! In fact, "my" blog is actually LBR's official blog, and my title is LBR Boxer Ambassador. As Boxer Ambassador, I do lots of outreach to share news about LBR's events and just generally show how amazing rescue dogs (and especially rescue boxers) can be. I go to events where they want a doggie representative, like when I went to a Howl-o-ween parade last year. I also help Momma wrap presents and collect donations at local Barnes & Nobles stores every Christmas! AND I write the Legacy Chronicles to try to spread the news about how totally PAWSOME LBR is!

  15. WHOA! What a super duper PAWSOME giveaway, Garth! And it's for such a great cause, too!

    Okay, let's see. ALL of the pets who ever lived in my mom and dad's house were rescues. And mom volunteers as the Facebark adminstrator for my rescue Second Chance. And she's also volunteered as an applications coordinator for Ranger's rescue, Ratbone Rescues. And last November, we held "Rescue Me Week" where everybuddy featured adorable adoptables on their bloggies. And mom volunteered with All Breed Rescue this year to walk doggies who were displaced by the Waldo Canyon Fire. Oh, and mom and dad have also given as many green papers as pawsible to different rescue organizations. In fact, last year the lady that did their taxes said, "Gosh you must really like pets, huh?" Heehee!

    Thanks so much for holding this contest, Garth. I hope it helps bring attention to all the different things peoples can do for rescue and shelter pets!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  16. How cool! Okay, what does our Mom do for shelter doggies? Well, first, she donates all her eBay/ sales proceeds to Paws and Stripes, a group that rescues doggies from shelters and trains them to be service dogs for veterans with PTSD and/or traumatic brain injuries - it helps saves the doggies and the veterans. Next, every time Mom pays for 6 weeks of doggie class, she donates an additional 'class' to our dog trainer, who uses that paid time to work with doggies at Furburbia, our local shelter. By training the doggies before they get adopted, they have a much better success rate at finding their furever home.

    Finally, Mom has convinced our Granny (who makes lots of quilts and stuff) to take her scrap cloth and sew them into blankets that Granny then takes to HER local doggie shelter to be used in kennels to make the doggies more comfortable. (I know that doesn't sound like something MOM is doing, but our Granny wouldn't have known there was a need for doggie blankets in shelters if Mom hadn't told her; our Grandpa is very allergic to doggies, so sadly our Granny and Grandpa lead a dog-less life, and Mom has to educate them on how they can help shelter doggies.)

    Oh, and we forgot. Mom and Dad have some friends whose kids got a couple of puppies (no idea how - but Mom thinks it might have been a 'gift' from a neighbor dog who had a little), and the family didn't have the time/money to get the dogs spayed/neutered (they have one boy and one girl - little poodle-mix thingies that bark a lot). So Mom went down to Salt Lake and got the puppies, brought them up to where we live, took them to our vet and had them spayed/neutered and then kept them for a few days to heal and make sure all was well before she took them back to their family - both parents work a ton of hours and didn't have the time to get them fixed, and probably the doggies wouldn't have been fixed if Mom hadn't taken care of it. While that technically didn't help shelter doggies directly, Mom firmly believes that what she did helped prevent more litters of puppies who would have ended up in shelter. So we think that counts.

    This is an awesome contest, Garth! (And Mom really covets one of those human stuffies. She's weird that way. So we've got our paws crossed that our name gets picked!)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  17. I am a foster mom for a local animal rescue organization, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. I am also the group's spay-neuter coordinator (unpaid).

  18. Hey Garth, lovely blog - first time visitor here.

    I am a veterinary technician and have many stories I could tell you about how I've helped animals in need in the past. My most recent story was how I helped spay/neuter 15 rabbits for the Humane Society in Austin, TX in one day. It was quite a feat! These animals belonged to a lady who was an animal hoarder. I was about 8 months pregnant at the time so could not be in the surgery area due to the anaesthesia, but I was coordinator of prepping the rabbits for surgery and also recovering them afterwards. There was much to do!

    Also thanks for visiting my blog!


  19. My 2 doxies Benson and Kobe weren't from a shelter, but we love to help out dogs in need. We fostered a homeless puppy for a while and found him his furever home. We also donate goods to shelters and participate in fundraisers as much as possible!

  20. I have been a member of Arizona Golden Retriever Connection for many years now. I donate money when I can for various health treatments of pups, but also try to donate my time by shelter walking the two remote shelters in our area, help with photos at both Christmas and through out the year for fund-raising and supporting them at their various functions and events. We also adopted Monty from them. In our Great Dane years, we adopted a lot of our pups from shelters and rescues.


  21. I have been a member of the Animal Protection Society of Durham for fifteen years, and a board member for more than ten. Two of my three current dogs and three of my babies who have gone to the bridge were adopted from the county shelter which we operate under a contract with the county. In addition, I volunteer at the caring for dogs and at fundraising events.

  22. Hey Garth!
    Wow, what a great event to showcase a really important issue! My peeps adopted me from a shelter and saved my life. We also take toys and treats to the local shelter sometimes to help those sad dogs and cats feel a little better until they find their furever home.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  23. I pawmit Mom to take my Zen-terra on the road - usually to Hagerstown Merryland so she khan chauffeur them to Harrisburg PAWSylvania -

    This helps get khanines without a place to park their paws and their bowls to get home FUREVER!

    I also see The Doggy Nanny sends green paper$ to the B&B kind enough to give 'Whitney' a place to sleep until she was sprung and bekhame ME!

    Keep up the great work Handsome!


  24. Well I volunteer at the local no kill sheleter and walk dogs on saturday mornings for a bit. I use to do Pet Therapy with Fred when he was alive. This month I did something special I thought I donated free cat food coupons that I received from my visit to purina to my local ferral cat rescue :)

    yummy we love us some frosty paws!

  25. Wow! Look at all the fabulous things my pals are doing to help homeless animals!

  26. I got this wonderful entry by email:

    When we moved into our home sixteen years ago, we started planning our family. While I was pregnant, we thought that would be a good time to get a dog, since I would be home on maternity leave for 8 weeks. (Go ahead, laugh. I'll wait.) We visited the local SPCA, and brought home a friendly, bouncy shepherd mixed-breed mutt who proceeded to turn our lives upside-down. Coyote would leap over room dividers and furniture to race to the front door to meet visitors. We never caught her in the act, but we know she would get up on the counters and help herself to food and fun stuff. When our son was born, she was self-appointed protector, guarding and growling should anyone try to approach him without approval.

    But she was starting to get restless when we were away during the day. She tore up the linoleum in her mudroom. Our friends suggested we get her a friend, a buddy, to keep her occupied. That is when Shadow, a pitt-bull mixed breed pound recue, came into our lives. Coyote and Shadow immediately hit it off, pooling their resources and creative energies to rip up the new linoleum and dig a foot-wide hole in the drywall. We caved to their demands and tiled everything. They approved of our design choices, and no longer tried to redecorate.

    So for many, many years, Coyote and Shadow shared the responsibilities of protecting and entertaining the boy. Until three years ago, when age finally caought up with Shadow. We never knew how old she was, we only had hints (scars, etc.) that she had been neglected and possibly abused by her previous owners. But for 11 years, she was a well-loved member of our pack, and I hope that we made up for some of the rough times she had in her younger years.
    Coyote just wasn't the same after Shadow went for that last trip to the vet; none of us were. There was a dog-shaped hole in our lives. So we started taking road trips to local rescues and shelters, and that is how pound-recue #3 (a boder-collie mix) ended up in our home. Sweetie may not be as smart as your typical border collie, but she has a heart of gold. We brought Coyote for a meet and greet at the SPCA, and Coyote approved. We were concerned that Coyote wouldn't be able to handle a much younger dog in the house, but who were we kidding? The pep was back in her step, and the two of them are still getting into trouble.

    Coyote has slowed down quite a bit over the past 16 years, but her vet is amazed that she is still going so strong. Now, instead of protecting my son, he protects her. Sweetie checks on her constantly, but still defers to her as the alpha.

    Family and friends have told us those dogs were lucky to have us bail them out of Doggie Prison, but we are the ones blessed with the chance to live with three warm and loving souls, furry though they may be. Sorry for rambling, but I will be forever grateful for our pound rescues, and the joy they brought into our lives.

    Annie B.

  27. another recent email entry:

    I regularly donate money to my local humane society.

    -Erica B.

  28. Reading the entries makes us feel SO good that so many people are doing so many GREAT things to help homeless animals!

  29. "American Pickers" Plus Cats & Dogs for Adoption - Besides blogging about it Mommy and her friend that she walks with went to help out the Friends of the Jackson County Animal Shelter. They walked doggies around so that people could meet them. Mommy had lots of fun doing it and made lots of doggy friends.

    We also took some old towels to the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

    Mommy also went to meeting about the Animal Shelter. She said it was important to go to show her support for the Animal Shelter, to offer ideas, and to see what was being done to address issues. Mommy says that the staff at the animal shelter try very hard to do their jobs professionally and to care for the animals in their care. She says they have been very sweet about trying to help us find Arty.

    Mommy didn't get to go to the Howling Good Time fund raiser but she did help provide names of people for them to invite and she blogged about it. It was a big success.

    We often post Public Service Announcements (PSA) on our blog in an effort to help cats and dogs find homes. ~Fenris, who was adopted from the Bay St. Louis/Waveland Animal Shelter as a puppy

  30. We found your blog through Khyra's blog. We are not sure if this counts as helping shelter pets but this is what Mama has done in the past:

    When her first schnauzer passed away several years ago the food left over was donated to the local pound.

    Her vet (which is now our vet) made a donation in her name to the veterinary school he graduated from. Mama has sent several donations to the school to help the animals get things that they may need.

    She also tried to rescue a dog from Georgia. Because an emergency came up at the last minute, we could not rescue him but a month later he did find a forever home. The people who adopted him were so happy to give him a home. We also gave the rescue group donations for him to get whatever he needed and also waived the adoption fee for him even though the rescue group offered to give the money back.

    She also had donated to a cause in the virtual world. One of our pals needed surgery to remove a tumor after he was rescued from a home. One of the owners passed away and the surviving spouse did not take very good care of him. Mama sent money to the fund to help defray the costs of the surgery for his new owner.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  31. Here's another great entry I got by email:

    I think this is a great idea for a contest! My Mom rescued me from a shelter more than 10 years ago when my owner dumped me for getting "too big" (and really, what's wrong with a big dog, I ask you? I take up half the space on the bed that my sister does, even though she weighs 40 pounds less than me, and anyway, Mom says that I am the perfect size for hugging!). I'm glad he gave me up because I have a MUCH better home now! I also have two cat brothers who are rescues, so we are a big rescue family. My Mom loves helping rescue pets like us, and we have run food drives for local shelters and food pantries, and at my Mom's dog vacation camp, we do a Silent Auction which raised $1,100 for animal charities at our June event.

    We are also BIG fans of Frosty Paws -- Mom keeps it in stock all summer and buys extra so when we have doggie friends over, we can share. Mom says Frosty Paws is the only way she can eat her own ice cream in peace, and I must admit, it gets very quiet when the three of us are all enjoying our desserts...I really like the peanut butter myself, though my sister Lexie says the original is equally delicious. Of course you shouldn't trust her judgement, since she thinks the cup tastes as good as the dessert! In any case, thanks for supporting rescues like me and my animal family -- as my Mom always tells me, rescue pets are the very best kind! -- and also thanks for making a great dessert for us, since Mom doesn't let us eat her ice cream!


    Jessie Costa, Senior Ambassadog
    Canine Camp Getaway of NY

  32. Another great entry I received by email:

    Dear Mr Riley,
    My name is Artie and mom and dad adopted me in April. I love Frosty Paws. Mom volunteers with

    This group hosts the Canine Games every year and this year it was on October 18th. Not only did I have a great time at the fundraiser, but mom did all the pre-registration for the event. Mom is also busy working on the trivia event and Sammy Sunday.

    We have also attended a fundraiser for a local dog park, and tomorrow I'm going to 3 Dog Bakery to drop off pet food for the Bi-State Pet Food Pantry's food drive.

    Mom is working on my costume for the Jingle Bell Walk that takes place in December too. My and I do all kinds of events and most of them are fundraisers. I working real hard learning my commands and being a house dog is fun. Thank you for the contest.

    Artie T.

    P.S. Mom typed this up for me

  33. Hello, Garth, nice to meet you! I'm not that well-known in the doggie-bloggie world, but I am an avid doggie-bloggie reader BOL!

    On Valentine's Day 2011, my people adopted me from the local shelter. They had just lost their beloved yellow lab of 14 years and couldn't imagine their lives without a poochie pal. For several weeks they continued to visit the shelter, not necessarily to find a dog, but to keep the poor dogs company. It's heart-breaking to see my brothers and sisters shivering in a shelter with no warm bed and people to love them. I didn't want to live that way forever, but then again, I didn't know how much longer I had to live! ahh!

    So one fine day, my people browsed the shelter again. I'm guessing they were looking for a cute, white fluffy dog like most people do. I've never looked in the mirror before, but I'm PAWSITIVE that I am not a cute, white, fluffy white dog. My chances of being adopted were slimmer than my hungry waist. I needed to get out! So I worked my charm by pouting my lips and whining so loud that they could hear me across the room! They came over to my kennel and their hearts broke for me (good!) That evening, I was adopted. But I know that not all dogs are that lucky. I am so happy to have a nice bed, a family, and a bowl full of food each day.

    My blog pals know about my buddy William the orphan dog. He was abandoned by his family when they moved away. William was feral and didn't trust us, but every day we would stop by his house and leave him some food and water. We wanted to take him home and love him, and we were slowly building his trust.

    My wish is to have all dogs feel that love. My lady-person is partially blind but finds great joy in crocheting. She has crocheted blankets for our local shelter for dogs to have a nice mat to lay on. I have one of my own, and I love it! We are also huge fans of Beagles and Buddies, a no-kill shelter who my girl-person has been donating to for a few years. Supporting shelters is very important to us because people don't realize that we "mutts" can be just as loving as any pet store pet! All we want is someone to hug us, someone to baby-talk to us, someone's shoes to pee in, and Frosty Paws to keep us cool!

    I might not always remember to pee on my grass patch, but I will always remember the days where I felt alone in the shelter, and hope that one day, more people will open their hearts and consider giving shelter dogs a home or at least help out in anyway they can!