Saturday, December 22, 2012

BOL BLOGGER AWARD!!! and a case of BMS

Thanks so much Ranger!!!

My young Scottie friend Ranger just gave me his BOL Blogger Award!  

This makes me very happy because the whole point of my blog is to make people & their pups (& any other creatures who happen to read my blog) smile and laugh.  So if I make you BOL, that's GREAT!

This is a super-easy award.  All you have to do is pass it to another blogger who makes you BOL.

I hereby award the BOL Blogger Award to my buddy Reuben of Floppy Tongue Joy.

Thanks for making us BOL, Reuben!

Reuben is one of the most entertaining dudes I know.  If you're not familiar with him, check out Floppy Tongue Joy.  I promise it will make you BOL! 

I haven't been blogging much lately because I have a case of BMS - Busy Momma Syndrome.  I have SO much to blog about, but apparently my staff has other priorities.  Hopefully she will have time to catch up a bit because she has 4 DAYS OFF from her other job.  This is very exciting for all of us!  We're planning some major mommy-and-me time and of course we plan to do some hiking.  Momma says Santa's gonna' visit, but I have to admit I wasn't really enamored by him when I met him last weekend.  But if he wants to bring me presents, that's awesome!

Speaking of Santa, I've entered the Wag-in-the-Box Naughty & Nice Photo Contest.  We were asked to submit a photo of something we would like Santa to overlook.  If you have a minute, could you please click here and vote for me?  Thanks!!!


  1. Garth you are always entertaining and usually pretty funny so of course you deserve a BOL! award :) And your friend Reuben is a hoot *snoogles*

  2. Congrats, Garth! We're gonna go meet Reuben! We have a serious case of BMS also. We didn't know there was a name for it, but we sure got it!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. What a great award you received Garth! You are VERY deserving of the BOL trophy. And... passing in on to our furend Ruben is pawsome. We love Reuben and he does give us some really good belly laughs.

    I think many of our parents have BMS these days with Christmas right around the corner and all. Hang in there buddy. We just know that Santa is gonna leave you something awesome this year.

    Merry Christmas!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. I voted for you Garthie! And I is so honored to receive this prestigious award from a dog as fine as you. I no can wait for the wiener roast next year - we's gonna party like the world is ending.... no wait, that was yesterday. Good thing we's still here! Anyway, I must ponder carefully who I should pass this lovely award on to, and I thanks you from the bottoms of my heart. And also from my bottom. Seriously, I just dragged it across the carpet for you.


  5. Congrrats on the well-deserved award! And Reuben made me BOL just from one picture!

  6. Great award Garth and we voted and shared it on FB so good luck. Have a super Saturday.
    best wishes Molly

  7. Congrats on your award!! We voted for you :)

  8. I will definitely go and vote for you Garth! Congrats on your award. I have visited Reuben before he is definitely a very funny pup!

  9. I will be proud and happy to vote for you. Congratulations on your award. Reuben is a fun bloggy pal. Thanks for coming to my pawty.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. Oh Garth CONGRATS to you dude!!! I popped by and introduced myself to Reuben, he DOES seem like a funny lad!
    Have a Fabulous Christmas!


  11. Congrats on your award, pal, you do make me BOL :D
    This BSM thing sounds horrible

  12. Congratulations on your award!!

  13. Garth - so glad you like my award. I went over to visit Reuben. I think he maybe crazy !!!! Good choice.