Friday, August 2, 2013

FitDog Friday - Great Places to Walk: Key West, Florida

It's Fit Dog Friday!  

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Mom and I love to walk.  Whenever we travel, we try to find good places to walk.  Each week I will tell you about a new place to walk.

Our favorite place in the world is Key West, Florida. One of the many things we love about Key West is that you can walk almost anywhere you want to go if you stay in Old Town.

When we're in Key West, Mom and I like to take our walkies early in the day when it's cooler and the streets are quieter.

Morning in Key West

My new friend
 There are lots of interesting things to see when taking a walk around Key West.
I wanna' feed the fishies!



929 miles to Richmond, VA
Not sure I feel like walking that far this morning

There are lots of these wandering around Key West

Sometimes they will try to sneak up on you

Where else can you see a Kapok Tree?

or a Banyan tree this big?

Not only is Key West very walkable, it's also very dog-friendly.

Most restaurants in the Keys are dog-friendly
Here I am hanging out at Geiger Key Fish Camp

A Note from Garth's Mom: There are chickens everywhere in Key West, and they can sometimes startle you and your dog. Stay alert and ready to distract your dog with treats and hold on tight to his leash if he has a taste for chickens. Walking along Duval Street can be a challenge if your dog doesn't have a good "leave it" command - there are often dropped foodables to be found. I prefer walking along the side streets like Whitehead and Simonton and Greene and Caroline, and walking along the water from the Westin Marina to Mallory Square to the waterfront at the end of Greene Street. 

There are poisonous toads that live in Key West called bufo toads (see Bufo Toad Poisoning).  I learned about them from my friends the Key West Collies in their post Toxic Toad.  The skin of bufo toads secretes a poisonous substance that, if untreated, will kill a dog that bites or licks them.  They come out at night and at dawn and dusk and like to be near standing water.  It's probably unlikely to see one if you stick to the sidewalks in Old Town, but I'm told they can be found out near the golf course.  Before visiting a new place with your dog, research local hazards to your dogs.  Check out my guest blog post 7 Tips on Traveling With Your Dog.



  1. It's a shame we never made it to Key West because we know how much fun you have when there.

    Thanks for the great tour!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Morning Garth, thanks for sharing your adventure in Key West. FL is a great place for a vacation. Looks like a pretty good place for a nice walk, except for those careful of them. ANd the alligators of course. Thanks for joining the Hop.

  3. What a beautiful place! We have never been to Florida period. That's a big fish you caught GR :)

  4. That is one place the Mom says she wants to go visit - she has been to Daytona beach and seen the manatees but she wants to hit the Keys one day - she shes we need to go in winter when it is cooler for us.

  5. Key West, well, all the Keys, are great dog-friendly vacation spots...Bad news here is that the bufos have moved north...I got a frantic call from a friend the other day...she'd just found the 3rd bufo in her year in two weeks...this is a yard where two dogs (& often Gizmo) and 3 cats spend much of their time...we're having to be very vigilant now

  6. Though we have never been there, Daddy always tells us it's one of his favorite places... now we just have to convince him to let Riley visit!!

  7. Garth, the next time you are in Key West let me know and I will zip down there and walk with you! We just love Key West despite the stupid chickens and roosters. BOL Yes, you must be very diligent and look for those Bufo Toads...they are evil and their poison can kill a dog or cat. We have them everywhere by my house. Ick!

  8. OMD! That sure looks like a fun place!!! I likes me some chickens!!! What? Oh, Ma said I can't chase them? Bummer. Well, a pup can dream!! BOL
    I'll take some of those fishes instead!!!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I blogged about your FABulous swag box you sent!!

  9. Mom wants to get there one day
    Benny & Lily

  10. Mom loves the Keys. I've never been as we tend to stay out of south FL (too crowded!); the farthest south I've been is Tampa.

  11. The kapok tree is cool. I prefer to do a lot of walking when I travel too. I think it is the best way to see a new town. We are traveling to Bend, Oregon next week and plan to do a lot of walking.

  12. This makes the Mama want to go walking in Key West really badly! The harbour looks so very beautiful!

  13. It all sounds like great fun. Well, maybe not the toads. I think my pups would have a hard time with the chickens - Tucker is an excellent bird dog -but he wants to eat them, not just point them out.
    I love hearing about all the places you walk.

  14. Wow pawsome pictures! That is pretty interesting and scary about those frogs. Thanks for the great info.

    Loveys Sasha

  15. Great pictures Garth especially that huge tree. You must have great self control with all of those chickens around. Thanks for voting for Shiner btw.

  16. I love Key West and have been thinking about going there - now I need to start planning on it! So happy you had a good time and didn't get overrun by the chickens.

  17. Yikes, those toads sound awful but we are usually scared of them. Chickens on the other hand are something my sister would go after. Looks like a great place to go early in the morning before it gets warm and all the people come out!

  18. You are pawesome not to chase the chickens - I would! Mummy tells me to leave the ducks alone all the time but I still try my luck :-)

  19. Garth, you make me want to visit KeyWest!

  20. Do you believe that my Mom has NEVER been to Key West? It used to be her Dad's favorite place. (People said my Mom's Dad looked like Hemingway).
    Key West is definitely on my Mom's bucket list. Thanks for sharing!
    Barks and licks and love,