Monday, September 23, 2013

Be a SCOOPER HERO! Garth's TOP TEN Reasons to #ScoopThatPoop

What's a Scooper Hero? A dog parent who scoops up and properly disposes of their dog's poop.

Garth's Top Ten Reasons to Scoop That Poop

1. Nobody likes to step in poo (ick)

2. Nobody wants their dog eating poo (double ick per momma)

3. Keep it Clean - Picking up after your dog keeps our trails, sidewalks, streets, and neighborhoods clean for other users to enjoy

4. Keep it Dog-Friendly - More places would be dog friendly if more people picked up after their dogs (a lot of beaches, parks, & other places are closed to dogs for this reason)

5. We all need clean water for drinking & swimming - Dog poop affects our drinking water & the water quality of our streams, rivers, oceans, lakes, bays, canals, etc. (see my mom's post Dog Poop and Drinking Water for more information)

6. Poo smells bad and attracts flies (ick)

7. Disease - Dog poop contains parasites and LOTS of bacteria (way more than other types of poop), and can spread diseases to people and other dogs

8. Be Green - Picking up poop is good for the environment; dog poop is NOT natural and doesn't degrade quickly

9. Dog poop is NOT fertilizer; composting doesn't get poop hot enough to kill the bacteria

10. Picking up after your dog is part of being a good neighbor and a responsible pet parent

It's easy to be a Scooper Hero . . . 

When your dog does this:

You do this:

. . . and then dispose of it in a trash can.  
(Don't forget this very important part.)

Today is our second Scoop That Poop day, hosted by Sugar the Golden Retriever/Golden WoofsOz the TerrierGizmo's Terrier TorrentMy GBGV LifeBoingy Dog, and me.  Scoop That Poop was created by our friends at Golden Woofs to raise awareness of the importance of
ALWAYS picking up after your dog.

*SUPER SCOOPER Exciting News*

Dogster has joined our Scoop That Poop campaign.  They created this cool infographic, which is an excellent summary of the most important reasons to scoop that poop (great minds think alike, right?):

We encourage everyone to copy the infographic and share it on Twitter, FB, G+, Pinterest, etc.
(To copy the infographic, click on 
the image and save on your desktop.)
When sharing, use the hashtag #ScoopThatPoop.

Be sure to check out Golden Woofs and Dogster on a Mission to Scoop That Poop and the Scoop That Poop campaign website, and follow Scoop That Poop on Twitter at @Scoop_That_Poop.


  1. We always pick up as we want a clean hood and a clean park. Have a marvellous Monday Garth.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Garth, your mom is a super-duper Scooper Hero! Great post, pal. And I agree, if more people would scoop their poop we would be allowed in a lot more places!
    Your pal,

  3. Thanks to Dogster for a great looking infographic.


  4. Those are some great (and some icky) reasons to scoop that poop, Garth. I printed that awesome ingot graphic and have been hanging it up around my neighborhood! I am shocked by how many people still think it's okay to leave poop laying around.

  5. Great list!! I need to get a pink poop bag duffle like your green one! I think it would my match my Pepper's Paws leash pawfectly! BOL!

  6. Thanks for the scoop on the poop Garth !

  7. Our mom is a pooper scooper hero
    Benny & Lily

  8. Super Scooper list every dog owner MUST know. Lots of Golden Thanks for being a co-host of our hop and helping us Spread #ScoopThatPoop. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Our Mom & Dad are poop scooper heros also!! Thanks for hosting and posting about such an important subject.
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  10. Great list Garth buddy and i know exactly where those pictures were taken...I pooped there too BOL! Hope our message spreads far and wide today and encourages those non-scoopers to be Scooper Heroes just like us

  11. Nice postie Garth!!! Always scoop the poop!!
    Ruby ♥

  12. ICK and double ICK indeed. Good instructions!

  13. Ah....I forgot about #2. Chester will gobble abandoned poop piles if I don't see them and steer him around the. Agree with your Mom....ick!

  14. Love the top ten list...maybe David Letterman will pick you up for the show :)

  15. We've got that covered. Momma is so eager to scoop my poop that sometimes I try to hide in the bushes for a bit of privacy (which makes her grumble about the added challenge of bagging it).


  16. Great post - LOVE the 10 reasons and the great photos!

  17. Great infographic and useful info too. We always scoop but so many people don't bother

  18. Too bad I missed this blog hop...we're total pooper scooping believers! We even have a song that goes like, "poop -- da doop -- and scoop -- da poop"

    In Switzerland, each time a dog's poop makes contact with the ground, a timer goes off and the owner has 500 milliseconds to scoop the poop. :)