Saturday, February 8, 2014

Product Review: Go Dog Dragon, Bottle Buddies Penguin, & Orijen Freeze Dried Lamb Treats from

 Several weeks ago, we received a package from  

Yep, it's a package

Oh, it's for me?

Upon learning that the package was indeed for me, I proceeded to investigate.

Smells good

Tastes good

Nom nom nom
"Spoiled Rotten" - now who could that refer to?

Obligatory pose-nicely-with-the-products photo

Photo of what I really want to do

In return for receiving these cool products free of charge from, I agreed to review them. But first I had to try them out!

I love product testing

I got the Small Periwinkle Dragon Toy and I LOVE it! It squeaks and it's all floppy, and I love to run around the house with it in my mouth and shake it all around. Momma thinks it's very cute and she loves the color and the fact that I haven't managed to rip it up yet. It's made with Chew Guard Technology, so it's extra durable. I usually rip stuffies open in seconds, but my dragon has held up to all kinds of chewing and shaking and throwing and fetching. (My favorite new game is fetch the dragon.)

Please can I keep him? 

I give the Go Dog Dragon Toy my highest rating of Four Paws Up for FUN, durability, and cuteness.  

Momma likes that it's machine-washable, extra durable, and her favorite colors. I'm trying to convince her that I need the Spike the Blue Stegosaurus and Frills the Grey Triceratops too.

The Penguin Bottle Buddy has a plastic bottle inside, so it makes a crinkly plastic bottle sound -- which makes it extra fun.

It makes a crinkly sound just like a real penguin

The Penguin Bottle Buddy is one of the many Bottle Buddies available at

I give the Bottle Buddie Penguin my highest rating of Four Paws Up for being EXTRA FUN! I really liked the plastic bottle inside. When momma took the bottle out, it wasn't anywhere near as fun. The bottle is replaceable, so if something happens to it, you can just replace it with a regular plastic bottle.

I didn't want to give it up
Mom had to bribe me with an Orijen treat

These are seriously good treats

Oh My Dog do I love these treats! As soon as momma opened the package I got all excited and started doing tricks 'cause I had to have one. These are what momma calls "high value treats" because I'd do just about anything for one. (Momma uses "high value treats" when training something new or when working with me in a very distracting environment.) They're also small and soft/crumbly so they can be broken into even smaller pieces for training.

Orijen Lamb Treats are made from a single animal source -- they're 100% lamb. The ingredients are: boneless lamb, lamb liver, and lamb tripe. Momma likes short ingredient lists and minimally processed foods, and Orijen Lamb Treats fit the bill. The lamb used in the treats is free-range Alberta lamb, and they make the treats in Canada. Plus I go nutty over them. And since they're only 5 calories per treat, I can have a number of Orijen Lamb Treats without taking in too many calories.

I give Orijen Freeze Dried Ranch Raised Lamb Treats Four Paws Up because:

  • Amazing taste (seriously, I go nuts for these treats)
  • Low calorie
  • Healthy, minimally processed, limited ingredients
  • Free-range lamb from Canada

They come in lots of different flavors too.

Check out  They have great prices on lots of different kinds of dog foods, treats, and toys, and they always have door-buster sales going on too.

Disclosure: In return for providing an honest review of their products, sent me toys and treats with an approximate retail value of $27 free of charge. I received no other compensation for this review.


  1. Never heard of pet flow before, looks awesome! You know that penguin could also be stuffed with a pig to make the first ever #PenguinPig! It might not be big enough for a full sized pig, but maybe a pixie puppy sized pig. That dragon looks cool!

  2. Bummer ... the penguin doesn't show up on the web site. would have ordered

    1. Here it is: I was wrong when I said it wasn't available

  3. Those are great Garth and we have the dragon in pink and we love him and he is still in one piece. Enjoy. Have a super Saturday Lily.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We only just heard about petflow too....but any place that sells toys and treats has to be a good place right ?

  5. Momma says those Orijin are almost too good because whenever they come out I throw everything I have at her and kind of lose focus. Now we mainly reserve them for fun "hide the treat" games.


  6. Those lamb treats sound really tasty and I think my little sister would love the bottle penguin. She loves crinkle toys the best

  7. I've heard great things about the dragon toy! I've heard it's pretty sturdy, as well. Elka has had the Orijen brand treats, just not the lamb ones.

  8. OMD, that dragon is the BEST! I want one to play with!

  9. Go Garth!! You hit the jackpot, buddy! I love PetFlow; they have so many great things to choose from. And OMD, the Orijen treats....seriously delicious as is their food. I love your toys too! I may need to beg Ma to get me one.
    *high paw*

  10. Garth, you have to let us know how long those toys last! Mr. K is notorious for ripping through them in minutes. We're always on a hunt for long(er) lasting toys! Much love, The Scottie Mom.