Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Hike with Sadie

My black lab cousin Sadie is visiting from North Carolina this weekend, so I wanted to show her a good time.  Because hiking is our favorite way to spend a Saturday morning, we thought Sadie might enjoy it too.  So we took her to one of my most favorite trails in the James River Park System, the trail running from Texas Beach along the river to the Pump House and back.  Mom thinks this is one of the prettiest stretches of the river that is accessible by trail.

I've hiked this trail many many times, but there are always new sights and smells.  And this time everything looked totally different from last time, because everything is so green and growing like crazy.

Sadie had never been to Texas Beach before, so she found it all very exciting.

First we had to cross a bridge that goes over the railroad tracks.
What's down there?

There's a river here!
What a great trail!
Come on Mom, stop taking pictures and start hiking!

Time to cool off

And find a stick
River romp
Dripping Sadie
Me & my dad on the way back

Post-hike lab
My favorite post-hike spot -- next to the puppy-cooling vent


  1. Wowser...that looks like a great hike. Have a great day with Sadie.


  2. That looks like lots of fun! It's so nice of you to show your cousin around.