Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday Hike Number 2! -- and a minor mommy mishap

It was cooler today, and since we're still celebrating Mommy-Dog's birthday, we went on a special mommy-and-me birthday hike.

Mom checked the river level and the river level forecast as well as the weather forecast (high of 78 - TOTALLY AWESOME) and we set out early, which is our preference.

The river was beautiful, and there was hardly anyone else on the trail, since it was early and overcast.

We hiked out to the secret island, and I splashed and swam and retrieved my ball. We were having lots of fun, but then mom stepped on a wet, slippery rock. She slipped and fell, and reached back with her left hand to catch herself. She may have said an HBO word or two. 

After righting herself, she looked at her wrist and knew it was broken because it looked kinda' funky. So we had to stop playing and head back. It was starting to rain a bit anyway. 

After we got home, Dad took mom to this awesome place called Ortho On Call. The people there were really nice. They xrayed her hand and found out her wrist is broken into a bunch of pieces and she will have to have surgery to fix it. Mom says it's no big deal. She doesn't think it's as bad as when she broke her elbow hang gliding and they had to wire the pieces of bone together for it to heal. She's kinda accident prone, you know.

So I may be blogging a bit less for a while (although she does pretty good with the iPhone Blogger app and typing with just her right hand), and the contest prizes may take longer to complete, but the bright side is that I may get some extra snuggle time out of this. Fortunately her right hand is her dominant petting and belly-rubbing hand.

This is where we started

We stopped at one of my favorite swimming spots

I can walk on water
Early morning river

You have to walk across a dam to get to the secret island
I'm a very brave puppy

We had the island all to ourselves

This old sycamore is one of our favorite trees

On the way back, in the rain, with an injured photographer


  1. Gah! That was some hike... we gots our paws crossed so your mom can have a speedy quick recovery!

    Sam and Pippen

  2. oh no, healing thoughts sent your way!!

  3. Oh no, Garth. That looks like it was a great day until the fall. Tell your Mom our Mom sends her lots of sympathy. She fell and broke both bones in her arm at the wrist last November. Her left arm is now her $25,000 one. She has a titanium plate and 8 screws that all cost a bundle. Tell your Mom to be very good with her PT - the only sure way to recover. Hugs to Mom - and please do not worry at all about the prizes.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Your poor Mom, Garth. Give her some snuggles from us.

    Tucker and Daisy

  5. Make sure yous mommy has a good rest and she recovers soon so we can hear more adventures!!
    That hike looks like fun!!!

  6. YIKES! We hope your Mom heals quickly.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  7. Sorry bout the Mommy mishap. Sendin healing purrs her way.
    Did you say "hang gliding"????

  8. Hope Mom is better soon Deccy x

  9. We hope mum mends soon. Happy Sunday to you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. You are a very brave pup and I have a feeling you're going to be a great caretaker and comfort to your Mom, who we are all sending healing and healthy thoughts for!! Take care!!!

  11. OUCH! Poor mom!
    I cannot believe you walked across that dam. I got the shivers just looking at the racing water. You are very brave indeed.


  12. That is such a shame! Feel better soon!

  13. Garth: well, you made sure your Mom has some great memories of this birthday with those wonderful hikes. We sure hope that she gets some good news from the Dr and that she starts healing right away! And by the way, she does a better job blogging with one hand than our muzzer does with two.

    gussie n teka

  14. Aw, hope your Momma is feeling better real soon!

  15. Oh no - your poor mom! We are sending her lots of healing vibes and AireZen!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. what a fun adventure. We think you should keep celebrating at least til Monday
    Benny & Lily

  17. Oh Garth mom I'm so sorry to hear! ESP that it will require surgery. I suppose it could have been worse where slippery rocks are involved and better that it's the left but still! :-(
    Garth, I know you will take great care of her and will be a super armrest!

  18. Silly Mummy i hope you're looking after her. It looks like you had a great hike.


  19. Garth we are so very sorry your mom broke her wrist. It must have really hurt. I bet you took good care of her.
    Give her a hug
    Madi and mom

  20. oh no Garth- M just got her cast off from a broken thumb and wrist- M says to tell your mummy she sends her love and healing vibrations--
    also, great photos- injured or not they are barkrific!

  21. Garth, your walk looked to be an excellent outing until your Mum's fall. We do hope she is not in too much pain and her wrist mends quickly.

  22. Garth you are now a Blogger Buddy.
    Best wishes Molly

  23. what a birthday present, huh? poor mom! was the fall on that bridge to the secret island with the water barely covering the rocks? i bet that IS slippery!

    mom & I hike every morning and she worries something like this might happen ~ or even something worse ~ like a leg or the youngest bought is a SPOT ~ check it out on the web - that way, if something happens we have a button that dials 911 and locates us by gps....

    this has really made mom feel better for us two girls hike's:)

    you take good care of mom - extra cuddles will heal her up faster!

    and I am sorry I missed your birthday:( HaPPy Belated BirTHday!

  24. That is so awesome that you have a secret island to go to with your mom! What a great birthday day...except the part where your mom broke her wrist:( Ouch! Hope it gets better real soon!