Thursday, July 26, 2012

The sound of one hand typing

Many of my friends and readers have asked about my mom and how she is doing, so I thought I would provide a pupdate.  Mom has a "comminuted" fracture of her left radius and ulna.  We were out hiking last Saturday and she slipped on a wet slippery rock, fell backwards, and caught herself with her left hand.

Because the bone is broken into several pieces, mom is having surgery tomorrow to install a titanium plate with a couple screws -- to put things back together and hold them together until things heal.  (I can picture it now -- my Uncle Randy will be chasing her around with a magnet.)  The joint wasn't involved, which is great news, and the surgery is being performed by the doc who did both of mom's carpal tunnel surgeries, who is thought to be the best hand/wrist doc in Richmond.

Mom is not really worried about it because she has had a number of other surgeries, the most notable of which was when she fractured her left olecranon (a small bone in the elbow) 20+ years ago in a hang gliding accident (yes, I said hang gliding) and had to have it wired together.  (People think my mom is brave/crazy now -- you should have seen her when she was young.)

Mom & what was left of her training glider
circa 1991

Mom with crunched hang glider

Mom says to tell everyone she appreciates the thoughts and kind words.  She is doing fine and sees this all as a minor inconvenience and a consequence of an active life.  

Mom doing fine

As you know, mom is my assistant, IT staff, chauffeur, hiking buddy, chief belly-rubber, etc.  She was working on helping me with a couple blog posts before she broke her wrist, so she will likely help me finish those up because they are already mostly typed.  But I may be blogging less frequently for a while until she gets full use of both hands back.  She said it's difficult to type with one hand.  Hmpfff - try typing with PAWS.  And the Silly Photo Contest prizes will be delayed for perhaps another month or two.  (Mom can't even open mail right now, much less package up prizes.)  

But as long as she can still scratch my belly, we're good

Mom insists that I include some photos of her actually flying, lest you draw false conclusions about her hang gliding skills from the above photos.  Before she retired from hang gliding, she earned her Hang 2 hang glider pilot's rating and had 9 mountain flights and hundreds of training hill flights under her belt.

5/9/94 - Mom's first mountain flight

Thanksgiving 1994 - Mom & her snazzy
new glider


  1. As long as you can get belly scratches, life is good. We'll be purring, praying and wagging for your Mom tomorrow. We hope things go well and she's back working hard for you soon.
    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  2. Oh wow oh wow. Your Momma is brave!! I couldn't do that. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Our Mom broke her wrist in a downhill race (ski racing - the downhill event where they go really fast and go off big jumps and whatnot) - she didn't land the jump well, and 'high-sided' - crunching her right arm into the snow. She compressed (yes, compressed) the radius 1.5 centimeters, and they had to fill-in the crunched space with 'harvested cadaver bone material' (sounds lovely, huh?), and they put a titanium plate in her wrist with 9 screws. Apparently the x-ray is quite spectacular, and when Mom holds her wrist at a certain angle, you can actually feel the plate. She is as good as new, BTW (although she doesn't race downhill anymore - just Super G, GS and slalom - something about not bouncing as well at 40+ as she did when she was 20...). Mom says to make sure your Mom does ALL the physical therapy - it can be quite painful at times (so says Mom), but she stuck with it for the full 6 months, and has full range of motion. She also now is winning the battle between her and Dad for who has the most surgical screws in their body; Dad only has 8 screws, while Mom has 9. We're hoping they've put an end to THAT competition! We hope your Mom heals well, and quickly. (Our Mom had to write with her left hand for MONTHS....). Take good care of your Mom - and tell her that belly rubs TOTALLY count as rehab exercises! BTW, our Mom ALSO says that while she will ski at stupidly fast speeds, and race cars, and stuff, she won't hurtle herself off a cliff like YOUR Mom did! Personally, I think they're both crazy...

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

    1. wow - Mom tried downhill skiing many years ago and she didn't continue because she thought it was too dangerous (yet for a number of years, she spent her vacations hang gliding???? I know - C-R-A-Z-Y. see why I have to be looking out for her?)

      I think mom only has 4 screws, so you're still ahead -- and no cadaver material that she knows of.

  4. Sounds remarkably similar to the Momster's break last November. Hope your Mom is very good about her PT work and gets back to being two-pawed soon.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Sending purrs fur your Mom's sore paw. Looks like she's doing great with your help. xoxo

  6. Your Mom sure does some cool things! My Mom is just to OLD for all that, hehe. Anyways, feel better soon Mom!!!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. Wow - your mom is amazing and very brave! Our paws are crossed that surgery goes the best for her, Garth!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly