Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas with Garth

Yes, I look great in front of the tree, now let's get on with the presents

This is my "hurry up dad" look

Hmmmm, now how best to open it?
Maybe I should start at the end?

Making some progress here

Oh boy oh boy what is it?!?!?

Maybe I can just unwrap the end and chew on the end
Santa brought me a huge ELK ANTLER!
This is the best thing EVER!


This is MINE

Don't mess with my antler!
Tired from all the excitement, but not taking my paws off of my antler

Demonstrating my unwrapping skills
Almost got it unwrapped
A pheasant
Now I must kill it
My stocking is definitely too small
I killed it!

Proud of my kill


  1. OMD the cuteness is too much to bear!!! Very nice unwrapping skills and that antler is awesome! Glad you had a happy Christmas!

  2. LOL, Moose! I enjoyed your Christmas unwrapping photos too! It was very nice of you to help out Sounder and Jetta with their unwrapping - I know it can be challenging at times and it's good to have a Master Unwrapper such as yourself available to assist.

  3. Hi Garth! You are one handsome boy!
    We totally agree, antlers are the best chews ever! We love the picture of you reading Google Blogger for Dummies. We need to get our mom one of those books although she is pretty much beyond help!
    Happy New Year!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch