Saturday, December 24, 2011

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Please take me off your "naughty" list. I confess that I have on occasion stolen bread and tomatoes off the counter, and chewed up books and towels, and played with the recycling, leaving it strewn all over the living room floor. However I believe that my good deeds far outweigh the bad. I've visited Sheltering Arms a number of times to make the residents feel better, and I've made LOTS of people smile over the past year. My mom and I walked to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation, the American Cancer Society, the Richmond SPCA, and the VCU Dogs on Call program -- plus we helped raise money for a bunch of other groups during various Dog Scout fundraisers. And I've made my parents very happy just by being a part of their pack. So I think I should be on your "nice" list.

That said, there are a few things I'd like. I want more weekends and fewer Mondays, and definitely more vacations. I want my parents and all of my awesome friends -- human and canine -- to stay healthy and happy so we can continue to have fun together. I want LOTS of hikes in 2012.

I want ice cream shops to carry Frosty Paws so when we go out for ice cream, I can have a treat too. I want more dog-friendly restaurants and bars in Richmond, so my parents will get out more (they hate to leave me alone in evenings and on weekends because I'm alone a lot during the day on weekdays).

I want to learn more things and I want to get my Expert Trick Dog title, then become a Trick Dog Champion. I want to win more contests and gift baskets!

Most of all, I want every dog to have a home and be as loved and cherished and spoiled as I am.


Santa's response

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