Friday, December 23, 2011

Hiking Bright Hope Trail

Hero took us hiking on a new trail this morning, the Bright Hope Trail, which is in Pocahontas State Park. It's in a different part of the park than where we usually hike, and it's a horse trail, so there was lots of horse poop!

Horse poop!  Yum!!!
Oh boy! A culvert!

It was a gorgeous day for December
Photo by Willow's mom

Hero always takes us on awesome hikes. Ozzy and Willow came along with us, as well as Hero's house guest, Silvie. Silvie is a vizsla, and she has a beautiful white face that makes her look like an old-timer, but she sure doesn't act like an old-timer! She's eight years old but she's in great shape, and she was running around like crazy, leaving us younger pups in the dust.


There were a number of creeks along the trail, so plenty of opportunity to get good and muddy. We stopped at one of the larger creeks to play and fetch sticks, and Silvie began to dig a really big hole. She was digging furiously and sand was flying everywhere. Mom was trying to get a picture of her digging, and ended up getting showered with sand! Mom had sand in her hair and in her ears, and even in her bra!

Silvie digging furiously

Silvie, right before showering my mom with sand!
Photo by Willow's mom
Waiting for the stick to be thrown

Willow, with me and Hero in the background looking for the stick
Photo by Willow's mom

We had the trail pretty much to ourselves. We saw two huskies with their humans early on, then we saw some horses! Silvie was very afraid of the horses, so she started running down a side trail. I wasn't afraid and I barked at them a couple times to let them know. They made funny snorting noises.

Hero's mom has the best treats

Hero appears to be in love with Willow this week -- it's a different dog every week for him it seems. He kept following her around and licking her ears. Willow was clearly not interested, but that didn't keep Hero from trying. I'm not the jealous type so it didn't bother me.  Besides, he's young and can't really help himself.  And I know Willow loves me, and I don't have to worry about some young whipper-snapper stealing her away.

Walking side-by-side with Willow

After the hike, Willow had us all over to her house for treats. She gave us a tour of her new house, then we hung out on their amazing deck. I was sad when we had to leave, and I tried to jump into Hero's car instead of mine.

I was so tired I spent most of the rest of the day napping.

Willow loves the water
Ozzy just likes to get wet
Hero, with me in the background
I didn't feel like posing for a picture right then
Hero and his mom talking to Willow's mom
Willow clearly likes her new deck
Willow LOVES her mommy!!!
Hero really liked the view from Willow's deck
Ozzy and his mom
Hero playing with Silvie
I think Silvie had a good time!!!

I was SOOOOOO tired afterwards I napped all afternoon!

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