Tuesday, December 27, 2011

She cooks AGAIN!

Dad and I are still overwhelmed with wonder and amazement that mom made dad a key lime pie for Christmas, and he says it was not only edible, but very good.  Mom rarely cooks, and when she does, dad and I get nervous. But on Christmas day, she decided to make some peanut-butter-carob doggie biscotti for my cousins Sadie and Mia.

Uh oh, looks like she is planning to try to cook something again
I'm right here in case she needs me

Maybe it's not such a scary thing if I get to lick the spoon!

And the bowl!
This is what the biscotti looks like before it goes into the oven for the first time
I'm ready and eager to assist --
especially helping clean up any pieces that happen to fall on the floor!
This is the finished product -- super yummy!!!
I think there's enough for Sadie and Mia AND ME!


  1. Nicely done! I am starting to think your mom is a big faker! I think she has been hiding her cooking skills all this time! Maybe she could open up a doggie bakery! I am truly impressed that she made a great key lime pie, there is a lot that can go wrong with that recipe. My momma used to make a key lime cheesecake that was delish but really it was easier than true key lime. Anywho, I am sure you were a big help the whole time!

  2. Yes, I'm a big help even though I can't operate a fire extinguisher. I'm very skilled at clean up of spoons, bowls, and anything that may happen to fall on the floor. (I have also learned to strategically place myself at the exact spot in the kitchen that mom wants to be standing, so she is more likely to trip and spill something and need my clean up assistance!) In spite of the fact that dad compared mom's key lime pie to Mrs. Mac's in Key Largo, I'm still suspicious. I'm thinking she hired a stunt double to do the actual cooking.