Monday, December 12, 2011

Hiking Pocahontas

On Sunday, Ozzy, Hero, Willow, Charlie, and I went hiking in Pocahontas State Park, along with our respective humans.  Pocahontas is my new favorite hiking place, with lots of little creeks, big sticks, hills, and wild thing smells.  Plus it was great to see everyone again!

This is where we hiked:
Our hiking route

Hero and I got the zoomies, so Willow tried to herd us.  Ozzy, who is normally so reserved, stole his mom's hat and dropped it in the water!  Hero had never met Charlie before, and was completely smitten.

My friend Ozzy is so regal!
Hero was quite smitten with Charlie
I had a bad case of the zoomies!
Ozzy took a dip

Hero played in the sand

Where did the stick go?

I got it!

Shake shake shake

Willow went swimming, even though she wasn't supposed to
Hero tried to look regal, too
I'm coming!
Hero likes retrieving sticks too!


A good time was had by all!

Hero was very sad to say goodbye to Charlie


  1. OMD superfun! Hero is a very handsome chap like you! All your pals look awesome though. I have a beagle pal too he fits in the tiniest spots! Glad you had a good hike!

  2. Hero is great, even though he's only one year old so still has lots to learn. We met him and his mom through facebook -- Hero has his own page too -- and enticed them to join our little gang of Dog Scouts. If you lived close by we would totally take you hiking with us!