Monday, January 16, 2012

I won the Liebster Blog Award! Many thanks to Tootsie!

Liebster means "dearest" and "favorite" in German. The Liebster Award highlights up-and-coming blogs (with less than 200 followers) to help spread the word about their furgoodness.

The Liebster Blog award was bestowed upon me by my friend Tootsie, the Bicontinental Dachshund.  Many thanks to Tootsie, who also has an excellent blog!  Like me, Tootsie likes to hike and travel -- so check out Tootsie's blog if you have enjoyed mine.

Thank you, Tootsie!!!
Love, Garth

And now, with all my wags and congratulations, as part of my Liebster award duties, I, Sir Garth Riley, hereby bestow the Liebster Blog Award on the following five blogs with under 200 followers:

  1. Glacier of At A Glacial Pace.  We just discovered Glacier's blog and we are most impressed by Glacier.  Glacier is a labrador, like me, and a working dog.  His girl doesn't see well, so it's his job to guide her and keep her from walking into things.  I am amazed that any labrador can resist a french fry in the street, but Glacier resists french fries and other temptations because he takes his job very seriously.  We have a huge amount of admiration for Glacier and working dogs like him.
  2. Winston of Winesome Winston.  Just click on the link and go to this blog and you'll know why we picked Winston.  Take one look at that dignified, bespectacled face and you know that this pup has intelligent, thoughtful things to share.  Like my own blog, Winston's blog is relatively new.  We've found it to be quite entertaining, and we expect great things from Winston in the future.
  3. Mayzie of Mayzie's Dog Blog.  Mayzie is a beautiful brindle rescue with a wonderful rescue story.  Mayzie has lots of followers, but still under 200, so she qualifies for the Liebster Blog award.  We admire Mayzie's spirit and we are extremely grateful for people like Angel Donna Fostermommy and Mayzie's adopted mom and dad from The Most Perfect Home That Ever Was.  It almost made my mom's eyes all leaky to read Mayzie's story.  And we love the "BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION IS UNAMERICAN" badge on Mayzie's blog!
  4. Truman of LabradorRodeo because he's a fellow lab.  And because we admire his human for raising guide dogs, and we enjoy his blog and it looks like the blog has been resurrected after a 6 month hiatus and only has a few followers at this point.  And he's a lab.  Not that we are biased towards labs.  Not a bit.
  5. Southernmost Moose of Southernmost Moose Lodge.  This blog is one of our inspirations, and our Most Favorite Blog of All Time, and we're surprised it has less than 200 followers and thus qualifies for this award.  Moose is awesome.  (And he's a lab.)  (No, we are not biased toward labs.)  Moose frequently opens up his home to foster puppies and has to put up with a great deal from the foster puppies trying to snuggle with him and steal his toys and bed.  Moose is my idol.  He is the greatest countersurfer EVER, and he can even steal food from the pantry and manage to extract foodstuffs from metal cans.  He's also an artist with a cheese whiz can.  We could go on and on.  He hasn't posted much lately, but his archived posts are thoroughly enjoyable and you can also follow him on facebook.  Plus we had the privilege of meeting Moose in the flesh when we were visiting Key Largo.  He is indeed larger than life (as in HUGE!). 

Congratulations to all of you! Please see THE AWARD DIRECTIONS below to receive and bestow your own awards. Wag it forward!

Dear Winners, please read THE AWARD DIRECTIONS:

Liebster means "dearest" and "favorite" in German. The Liebster Award highlights up-and-coming blogs to help spread the word about their furgoodness. An award brings ceremony, too, and in order to accept the Liebster, you must do the following:

1.) Copy and paste the award on your blog.
Wag! See the award above!

2.) Link back to the blogger who gave you the award.
Wag! Just like I did in this post!

3.) Pick your five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they received the award.
Wag! See the links to the winners above!

Keep wagging!


  1. Oh, Garth, thank you SO much for this awardie and for saying such nice things about my bloggie! AND thank you for being a new furend. Gosh, you just made me happy all over.

    And I'm gonna check out the other bloggies you listed, too!

    Thank you, thank you again!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Congratulations again, Garth! I love your blog. And I'm super excited to check out these blogs, which look great!

    Keep on wagging,