Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Snuggles

I am a lab of many talents. I can catch frisbees in the air, retrieve balls like a pro, play the piano and horn, and do all kinds of other tricks. But I'm most proud of my snuggling/cuddling ability. According to Mom -- who is a great judge of snuggliness -- I am the best snuggler EVER. Labs are affectionate by nature, and Mom has known a lot of labs, but she says I'm the most affectionate dog she's ever known!

On a rainy/sleety January Saturday such as today, there is nothing better than to cuddle up with Mom on the couch while she reads or does computer stuff. I generally like to be in her lap (all 65 pounds of me!) and she loves it when I fall asleep and start having one of my otter-chasing dreams while in her lap. My big paws will twitch and I'll let out cute little yips and other strange high-pitched noises that sound nothing like dog noises. Mom says sometimes I make a noise like a horse whinnying (okay, so I like to dream that I'm a horse -- horses are amazing creatures), and sometimes I make sounds like a newborn puppy whose eyes are still closed desperately looking for his mommy's milk bar. Sometimes I even growl in my dreams!

Of course the fact that I'm also one of the cutest doggies EVER makes everyone want to snuggle with me.

Don't these photos make you want to snuggle with me?

You know you want to snuggle with me

Isn't my smushy-face irresistible?

I'm so snuggly
I'm on the couch all by myself!  Come snuggle!
Me and my mommy snuggling
Lap lab
I love my mommy

I love her SO much

Sometimes Mom falls asleep on the couch
Sometimes Mommy is silly
Sometimes I snuggle with Daddy.  I like it when he holds my elk antler for me.
I'm SO incredibly cute


  1. Oh Wow! We might be neighbors! I am Gus Dagger, and I am a WFT! I live with my adopted sissie Teka Toy who is a JRT. We live in Richmond too!

    Are you near Carytown? We are just across the freeway from that fun spot!

    visit my blog ( or send me a pee mail at gusdaggerwft at gmail dot com!

    Teka thinks you are cute.


    1. Hi Gus! Yes, we live near Carytown! I LOVE to go for walks in Carytown because of all the yummy smells there. We are actually west of the powhite, in what is called the "near West End" - so we might be very near you.

      What is a WFT and what is a JRT?

      I will definitely check out your bloggie! Tell Teka I said hi!

  2. ARE so incredibly cute, Garth! And super duper snuggly, too. I LUVS me some snuggle time and mom says I'm THE best snuggler ever. But after seeing those pictures, I might have me beat!

    Enjoy your snuggly day!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    1. Thanks Mayzie! We may actually be tied for the title of Best Snuggler Ever -- didn't you introduce yourself to your mom by climbing into her lap? (which is the Best Strategy Ever, by the way)

      I'm so glad you think I'm cute, because I'm hoping to escort you to the Valentine's Day Pawty!