Saturday, January 7, 2012

Today's Adventure: Hiking the Beaver Trail at Pocahontas

Today we went hiking at Pocahontas State Park with Willow, Hero, Charlie, Sylvie and Roxy and their humans. It was a beautiful 60+ degree January day -- really the perfect temp for romping and taking a dip -- not too hot and not too cold.  We hiked on the Beaver Trail, but we didn't see any beavers.  But Willow and Sylvie treed some squirrels!

We all had a great time zooming and splashing and swimming and retrieving sticks. Pocahontas State Park has the BEST sticks!

Charlie and Willow and me and Sylvie
Me and my buddy Hero
Roxy retrieving a stick
Me retrieving a stick
Me and one of the awesome sticks I found
I'm so happy to be out hiking with my friends!
Willow LOVES the water!

I found a really big stick!
Sylvie kept waiting for the squirrel to come down

Another great stick
Munch munch munch
Playing in the water with Willow and Hero
Lovely Willow
Another great stick!

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