Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Favorite Things, Part Two: Sticks!

I simply LOVE sticks! I try to find at least one on every walk and every hike -- and the bigger the better. And if I can get mom or dad to throw it for me, that's even better!!!  Otherwise I'll just carry it along on our walk, or lie down and try to eat it.  (Yes of course sticks are edible. I'm a lab!)  Sometimes I have a collection of sticks in our front yard from my daily walks.  I'm just helping to gather kindling.  I'm a working dog, after all.

I'm really concentrating on this stick
This stick was stuck in the mud, so I had to pull it out
After we tired of playing with the deflated ball, I found a good stick to munch
Retrieving a stick at Pocahontas State Park
Sticks I find in the James River are the BEST!
There were LOTS of great sticks after last summer's hurricane
Munching on a nice fresh stick from the hurricane

This one was too big, even for me
A Pocahontas State Park stick
This is a stick I found on a neighborhood walk
A Texas Beach stick
I found this stick on the bike path in Key Largo and carried it all the way back to the Key Largo Hilton!
Mom wouldn't let me bring it into our room, though.


  1. My first Golden was like that too! I still have a stick from her - even after all these years have passed!


  2. You are a stick retrieving champ! We have plenty around here but we beagles don't have much interest in them. You're more likely to see my mom gnaw on a stick. Ooops, bol, she said to erase that but I'm not. Beagles are also stubborn.

    We love your stick pictures.
    love & wags,

  3. our friend Charlie is a Jack Russell, and he thinks we're crazy to be so interested in sticks! My friends Willow, Hero and I will be retrieving sticks like mad and he just watches like "ho hum". We love beagles too - even if you don't like sticks. My grampa Booga had a beagle named Amos who went on their honeymoon with them!

  4. WOWSERS wee nots as into sticks as yoo is butts wee is a bits smaller den yoo is, wee is more twig collektors n wee chews dem to bits in da house which drives Da Momster cracker crazy..........Bol.

    So goods too meets yoo Garth, nu furiends is always a goodly fing !
    Izzy, Uji n Ronnii
    xxx xxx xxx

  5. Gauis is also a fan of a good stick, bigger the better. preferably attached to the ground.

  6. Yep, I've seen Gauis wrestle a stick many times his size. And of course if it's attached to something, it presents more of a challenge thus more of an opportunity to prove what a BEAST you are!