Friday, January 13, 2012

Jamestown Island Hike

Since I'm a Great Adventurer (hint hint Mango Minster judges), I thought I should visit Jamestown Island and follow in the pawsteps of the founding doggies. So my pack and I bundled up (well, the humans did) and braved today's VERY cold winds to hike around Jamestown Island.

We saw a deer (I really really wanted to chase him, but mom says I'm not allowed to chase wildlife), a bald eagle, a pileated woodpecker, and three river otters!!!  I think a river otter would make a good snack, but mom says that's not allowed.  I really wanted to get in the river and in the mud, but mom wouldn't let me do that either!  (She was afraid I'd get too cold if I got wet, because it was 44 degrees but felt like 30 with 20+ mph winds coming off the river.)  But it was a good hike anyway (of course there's no such thing as a bad hike!)

The sound of the wind against the car concerned me

We crossed lots of bridges like this on our hike
The wind blew my ears as I searched for creatures
I know there are creatures down there

I see MUD

Not exactly a rustic hiking trail

A stick
A special Jamestown Island stick!
Looking longingly at the mud
I smell wildlife

That water looks really good
Please can I get in the river?  Pleeeeeeeeeease, mommy
Me and my dad

River otters

I wish I could eat a river otter
Yep, it was a good hike


  1. What a great hike! I'd love to take the boys there!


  2. It is a great hike! The woods are beautiful and there's lots of wildlife. You can do a three mile loop or a six mile loop. The only thing we didn't like about it is that the road is paved, so not as enjoyable as hiking on a trail (and harder on human feet and legs).

  3. That looks more interesting than our hikes. Nice scenery, wildlife. Ah, that's the life. :)

  4. We are very lucky. We live in a city but have lots of great places to hike nearby or only a short drive away. Jamestown is about an hour away from us.

  5. What a great hike! Love the photo of the otters.

    Garth: You are herewith the recipient of the "Liebster Award"! I posted about it today; see details there at my blog. Congratulations!

    Keep on wagging,

    1. Thanks so much Tootsie! I am honored!

  6. You were very good to resist the mud and the river otters. I think they look like good snacks too!

    1. If it was up to me, I would have been in the mud and chasing the otters, but mom wouldn't let me. Normally she lets me get in the mud, but not that day because it was too cold and windy. But she never lets me chase wildlife, which is something I'll never understand.