Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to Keep Your Dog Fit and Healthy + 30/30 Challenge Update

As you may know, my mom writes guest blog posts for doggyWOOF.  Her most recent article, about doggy fitness and weight loss, has some helpful information and ideas.  Her article is in two parts - here are the links:

How to Keep Your Dog Fit and Healthy: Part 1

How to Keep Your Dog Fit and Healthy: Part 2

This article is particularly timely . . .

30/30 Challenge Update

My buddies at created the 30/30 Challenge, and a bunch of my buds are participating in it with us.  Our goal is to walk at least 30 minutes per day for 30 days.  

I totally copied my friend Gizmo of Terrier Torrent's idea and created a ticker to track our progress.  (This ticker just shows the minimum 30 minute per day goal -- we're actually going way over that.)

Mom and I have always been pretty active, but she sometimes needs extra motivation to go for a walk in the evening after work when it's cold and dark.  I think the 30/30 Challenge is great because it's helping motivate us during the hardest time of the year.  25 days to go!

A side effect of the 30/30 Challenge


  1. Garth we didn't get in on the start of the 30/30 walkies. Not sure we can do that, see we got a HUGHHHHH yard and we get like 87 miles a day running around. Now Mom and Dad are on a 4 miles or one hour a day plan!

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  2. HI Garth, Way to go with the Challenge. We're doing it too!! My mom has the sickie bug so she has missed a couple of days but my poppy has taken us for our daily walk-about the farm. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Hey Garth , we know mum can do the 30/30. We love your side effect of the 30/30. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We would be so with you - if it was summer time - mom had Raynards syndrome and can't handle the cold otherwise we would be our there walking out pads off.

  5. You know what mom always sez Garth...a tired dawg iz a happy dawg & you & I iz both happy dawgs...i like that you did your ticker in minutes instead of days...kewl...Mom is making sure that on weekends we're getting in some long hikes just in case we run a little short one day during the week...

  6. Good luck Garth & Family on the challenge!

    I hate my harness and won't walk with it on. And since my neck surgery it's the only way I'm allowed out. I will however wear it for hiking in the woods, but we got no woods here. Muffin and I however are running around outside like crazy and my hoomans are swimming almost every day. While we're not together, we are still all getting our fair share.

    Enjoy your nap my friend!

    Lily Belle

  7. YEA Garth! Good goin' for you and your Moms! I usually gets the 2 walkies a day, so doin' the 30 minutes usuall isn't a problem, butts I could ALWAYS use more than that (so could my Ma, to be honest ~ her hinnie has been saggin' alittle south lately!! BOL)
    What?? Nothin'....gotta go...


  8. This challenge sounds like hard work!

  9. You do look pretty worn out from all your walking Mr. Garth!

  10. Me & Mum done Day 4 of the Challenge today Garf. Dad & Izzy haf come wif us each time so far, so that is double good. I just going to dicate to Mum so we can write my bloggy abowt starting the Challenge. So look for that soon.

    Tail wags

  11. Oh bofur - I think your blog done nom my comment Garf. :(
    I try again.
    Da mum & me haf done four days ob da Challenge now. Dad & Izzy have come wif us all da time so that is duble good.
    I is going to dictate to mum soon so we can write in my bloggy abowt starting da Challenge, so keep your eyes peeled fur that. ;)

    Tail wags

  12. You can do it, Garth! Plus, home always feels cozier when you've been outside in the chilly dark :)

    Since mom got me she has been doing something she calls the Remy challenge, which consists of attempting to tire me out every day. It used to take hours, but it has gotten easier lately - maybe just an hour and half most days, plus some tug and fetch and treat puzzles!

  13. It's a great idea. I go out about 3 times a day, so I think we're unofficially doing this:-)

  14. We get a 20 minute walk in the mornings and a 25-40 minute walk in the evenings, EVERY day. Momma is very good about that, because she knows it keeps us ALL healthy.

  15. go Garthie go! My mama is doing more walkings, but often I no is invited, mostly because I has to stop every 5 foots and pee on something, after a lengthy sniffing. I gets most of my excercises on the farm!


  16. Happy New Year Garth and family. get post. S and I still walk at the crack of dawn every morning, the only difference since jesse left us is that the bunnies and squirrels just stay where they are at and laugh at us...we're not as good of bunnies chasers as jesse was :( but we're working on it. :)

  17. My Humans say I am getting Fat.
    but I don't think so, my Mum has started to take me on two walkies
    a Day, I get soooo worn-out.
    perhaps I am just a LITTLE Unfit!
    Enid xx