Friday, January 18, 2013

My Latest Trick, Today's Hike, and 30/30 Challenge Update

Mom and I are taking an advanced tricks class at All Dog Adventures.  This is my latest trick: 

The next part of the trick is getting a beer out of the frig, taking it to daddy, then closing the frig door.  That part of the trick is more difficult, because once I have the beer can in my mouth, I want to run around with it and play with it.  Do you know beer cans roll really well?  They're really lots of fun.  But for some reason, the humans don't like it when I play with their beer.

It's time for our weekly 30/30 Challenge Update.  Mom and I have been doing really well, but we missed a day yesterday because mom said it was just too nasty.  (And if it's too nasty for mom, that means it's REALLY nasty.)  But we've only missed one day so far this month, and we think that's great.  And we've walked more than 30 minutes most other days, so we're still way ahead.

Today's 30+ minutes was very muddy and very fun!

Come on mom! Whatcha waiting for?

Note muddy undercarriage

The river was very high from all the rain & melting snow

Muddy and proud of it

The river was over the steps of the canoe launch

Sticks were plentiful

And the water felt great!

30/30 Challenge Update


  1. That looked like a very nice walk, except the water part. I don't like water, except to drink. You look very happy out there.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. You be careful on those train tracks! Tell your Dad some guy had invented a mini beer fridge beer launcher. He could put the beer fridge in the corner of the room and the fridge would toss it to him when he wanted :) I think it's on YouTube if you haven't seen it.

  3. Well done Garth! I can so that on a normal door, but Mum does not think i would pick up a beer, and also, my food kept in the bottom of the fridge so i would help myself to more than beer. BOL!
    Lovely walk pics!
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  4. Cool walk Garth. We are very impressed with your frig trick. Could you go and look for me and see if there is any sausages in there. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Hello Garth. Pop on over to see me. I have something for you.
    Peees. I wish I was with ya on your adventure. It looks like FUN.

  6. Fetching a beer? Now that's very impressive Garth! We can't wait to see pictures or a video of that trick.

    Such a nice walkie you had. And it wouldn't be complete without a wet and dirty belly. Mission complete!

    Lily Belle

  7. Very cool walkie Garth!! And STICKS?? Score!!

  8. Great WAlk Garth....I mean, water and sticks and is the perfect day. and hey, check out you opening the fridge. I'd say your triple securing your home forever....


  9. I'm not sure my Siberian khontrakt pawmits fetching...


  10. How awesome! An advanced trick class! Can't wait to see you get the beer out of the fridge!

  11. I don't know Garth I think if I opened the fridge I'd get out something else besides beer, like maybe a ham or some cheese ;P
    You need to come over to my house when my peeps aren't around and teach me that trick :)

    Good job on gettin muddy my furiend. Dang that river was high! Have fun hikin on! :)

    Waggin at ya,

  12. That is a great trick Garth...but Momz would never teach me that one...I know she stores my treats in there so I'd be in there all the time and there'd go that lean fit waist I have now BOL! Have you ever tried sinking your teeth into that beer can and making a foamy fountain? Momz says you should try it cuz your folks would think it's great (OK Momz didn't say that, I did...but it would be really kewl)

  13. Garth, great job on the 30/30 challenge - muddy is the best fun in the world isn't it? In fact, in my book, a walk without mud or some form of dirt is not really a walk at all!

    Keep up the great work.



  14. What a great trick, Garth! I can't wait to see the next part! And that looks like a really good walk too; mud makes everything more fun :)

  15. What a cutie you are! Nice to meet you Garth!