Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rockin' a Hoo-rag: Photo Shoot and Product Review

Slave to fashion that I am, I was thrilled when I received two Hoo-rags in the mail this past week to try out and review.  

"But what is a Hoo-rag?", you ask.

This is a Hoo-rag

A Hoo-rag is a seamless tubular piece of cloth - kind of like a bandana but you don't have to tie it.    

This is a Hoo-rag

They have Hoo-rag Dog Bandanas for doggies and also lots of Hoo-rag styles for humans. Hoo-rags can be worn in lots of different ways by both humans and doggies.  You can scrunch it up and wear it like a bandana . . .

or to keep your ears warm . . . 

This makes me look like a seal

Mom got a matching Hoo-rag, and she likes to use it as a headband to contain her unruly mass of hair and keep it out of her face and as a way to snaz up a ponytail.

Kisses during a snuggle session

The Hoo-rags we received are traditional red bandana print, but there are lots of different colors and prints available.  Mom likes the Fishing Bandanas because they have one with a tarpon on it, one that is colored like a mahi mahi, and another printed like a dive flag.

This is what a Hoo-rag looks like before you put it on

This is where I'd rather have a belly rub
than pose for a photo

Mom says my Hoo-rag will
help her see me in the snow

This is definitely a cool product.  I give the Hoo-rag two paws up for effortless fashion.  No knots to tie or fumble with - all mom has to do is slip it over my head for a little instant flare.  Plus it's super comfy!

Mom and I think our matching red Hoo-rags will look great at our next tricks demonstration, and the red even goes with my skateboard.  Plus I simply look fabulous in red.  I think I also need a purple or green one to go with my therapy dog cape.  And maybe a blue one.  I wonder if Hoo-rags needs a doggie model?

Hoo-rag was very nice to send us a couple free Hoo-rags.  They also sent me a Hoo-rag sticker which I plan to proudly display on my skateboard!

The Human Perspective (from Garth's mom):

Like Garth said, we really like our Hoo-rags.  I find mine extremely handy to keep my hair out of my face.  I also think it will be great to use when I'm out on the water all day, so my neck doesn't get sunburned.  Hoo-rags are made of polyester microfiber, so they're lightweight and dry quickly.  They have some very cool designs and I'm already planning to put a Hoo-rag or two on my birthday list.  

For Garth, I love the Hoo-rag design.  It's so much easier to just slip something over his head than to tie a knot in something attached to a wiggly lab. And untying a knot in a bandana after the knot has tightened is difficult for me.  Garth has a pile of bandanas he doesn't wear for that reason.  Plus the Hoo-rag doesn't seem to bother him like a bandana does.  It fits loosely and I think he simply forgot he was wearing it.  He often fusses with bandanas and gives me the "pleeeeese take this thing offa' me" look.

Hoo-rags are similar to Survivor buffs but WAY less expensive.  The Hoo-rags for dogs are $9.99 and $14.95, with shipping to the continental U.S. included.  I really appreciate that they don't charge for shipping.  So many companies use inflated shipping charges as another way to make money, and Hoo-rag doesn't do that.  

I don't know if Hoo-rags makes smaller sizes for smaller dogs.  The size we received was perfect for Garth, but might be large for many of our smaller friends.  For a really small dog (doxie or chi-sized), you could twist it in half & double it up like you would to wear it as a wristband, but for a medium-sized dog, he/she may have to wear it loose.

Our friend Frosty rockin' a Hoo-rag

You can check out Hoo-rags at They're also on Facebook at Hoo-Rag and on Twitter and Instagram as @hoo_rag .

Hoo-rag sent us two Hoo-rags free of charge, but other than that, we received no compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed are entirely our own.


  1. Ooooo, Ma's gonna stop by now and check em' out! I don't like wearin' the bandana's either, butts maybe this won't bother me...thanks Garth for the head's up!
    pees: you and your Moms look adorable in that snuggle pic!

  2. Dude! Of course you look fabulous in red! But then we think you look fabulous in everything. (And nothing. But that sounds totally inappropriate!) And we don't blame you for wanted scratchies rather than pose for photos. Because scratchies are better than almost anything. Except bully sticks. And Frosty Paws. And giving kisses!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  3. I love the. Bandana pattern they sent you and think it looks great on both of you!

  4. Rock on Garth. Looking well good in your Hoo-rag. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We love it! Mommy said she needs some of those too. They will help as she is growing out her furs. She's gonna run right over and check out their web page. Mommy said she's always wanted one but didn't feel like wearing Survivor all over her head. Now this is the answer she has been looking for. You look totally pawsome in it too Garth!

    Thanks for featuring this great product.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    p.s. Mommy wants one for when she travels to Key West in March!

  6. I've seen those in the camping shop but didn't know they were called that! They are a great idea and they suit you:-)

  7. Hi Garth,
    Mommy Kim here. I just had to tell you, right after reading your post, I went right over and bought 2 hoo-rag's for myself. I'm always looking for something to keep the fly-aways off of my face. I think these will be perfect! Thank you for sharing this great product with us.

    Also, tell your Mom I really appreciate her e-mail's about Key West. I can just see her smiling and laughing as she was typing all the information. She promises to respond to your Mom when she can find 10 minutes to herself. Hey we got Grandpa Bob and finding 10 min's is not always that easy.

    Hope you have a great day!


  8. I agree, Garth; red is definitely your color! You look great in that hoo-rag :)

  9. That Hoo-Rag looks great and red definately suits you.


  10. Hi Garth. YOu looking smashing in your Hoo-rag!! The frosty paws package arrived monday--thank you so much!!! Please stop by and see my post today--we mentioned YOU!!! :)

  11. We will have to try them out!


  12. Garth! We iz luvin dem Hoorags! Weez gonna chek dem owt nd see if der be wun small nuff fur uZ! Fanx fur da wevue pal!