Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Hike

The view from Rebecca's Rock

Today, daddy and I wanted to do something nice for mom for Mother's Day.  So we took her hiking somewhere extra-special!  We went to a place along the Appalachian Trial that she named Rebecca's Rock many years ago because it doesn't really have a name.  But it has a really nice view and she used to go there a lot when she was younger and lived closer to the mountains.  She hadn't been back there in almost 20 years!  

I had never been hiking on this particular trail before, and I loved smelling the mountain smells and eating the mountain grass.  It was so nice to get out into the woods, and mom loves the mountains.  We heard lots of birds and mom enjoyed seeing all of the blooming wildflowers.  We were so tired afterwards that mom and I slept most of the way home!  

She said that taking her hiking to her own special place was the best Mother's Day gift we could give her.

Sitting on a picnic table in the picnic area where we parked
(That's what tables are for, isn't it?)

A very old stone wall that runs through the woods near the trail
Me and daddy at Rebecca's Rock
Me and my best hiking bud, my mom
The mandatory pose in a scenic location photo
A really old dead tree along the trail

Enjoying the view


  1. That is a good one! We got my sister E.rabbitt to come down from DeeSee and muzzer loved it!

    Do you guys know the hiking trail up by Lexington that is an old railroad spur and runs along the Maury? It is one of my faves.


    1. That's very nice that your sister came to visit. No, we've never hiked the trail near Lexington, but it sounds really nice. Have you and your parents ever hiked the Richmond Flood Wall? It's not a long hike and the view of the city and the river is fabulous.

  2. What a great present for your mom!

  3. wow garth, what a wonderful day for your mom and for you and dad too~ sigh.

  4. What a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day!


  5. And a good time was had by all. Your mom looks super happy to be out with her best friend.


  6. What a fun hike! You look adorable! I agree, picnic tables are a great place to sit!

    Thank you so much for the sweet message you left on my bloggie. I'm so excited about being a finalist!!!