Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Mysterious Package

Last week, the Brown Box Man delivered a mysterious package.  
I think it had a snout-print on it.

Mom says this package is for me.
What IS it?

(Note snout-print.)

Is it for me to stand on?

It makes a pretty good perch.

Look how tall I am.
Now I can be a show dog!

What's inside?  Plastic bags filled with air?
It sure smells interesting.

Another box inside the box?

I get it - I push it around with my snout.

What a fun new toy!

I think I have a better idea.

Can I eat it?

It's been a while since I've had a good box.
I love box lunches.


Uh oh.  This is what came out of the box.
It doesn't look anywhere near as fun as the box.

A few days later . . .

Now this looks interesting.

Oh boy!  A big inflatable red thing!
Sure I can stand on this big red roll-y wobbly thing.

But this is really more comfortable.
Yep, this is my ab work out.


  1. Oh man! PeeWee has one of those too! He balances on it and wiggles all around like a fool.


    1. I haven't learned how to balance on top of it yet, but mom was pleased that I would stand up on it with my front paws, since it's only the second time I've tried a big inflatable thing. I'll have to work up to balancing and wiggling like a fool!

  2. Dude! That looks like lots of fun... do you think you could bounce on it?

    Sam and Pippen

  3. So, is that how woo Lab's get those ab's?

    Miss Fluffy Tail

  4. Ah, some doggy (we assume doggy since there was a snout print) is concerned about your health and girth. What a neat gift.

  5. Hi Garth!

    Nice to meet you!!!

    We've seen this funny magical bean about the bloggie universe and we just hope your momma doesn't try and make you stand on it.

    The CheeseHounds

  6. What an awesome toy? Roxy would love a little version of that! :P

    Stop on by for a visit.
    Flynn & Roxy

  7. We are withholding an opinion until you have more experience with it. Muzzer has a ball thingy she blows up and rolls around on, but we do not like it because it makes her use HBO words! We hope you like your new toy better.


  8. Oooooooooooooooh. Garth, what IS that?! I WANT one!!

    1. It's a FitPAWS Peanut. You can get them at Clean Run:

  9. Ooh, Garth!! How exciting!! My human's been thinking for a while about getting me something like that too - but she's really not keen to add to any more of our "junk" while we're still moving around so much. Maybe next year, when we're hopefully going to move to our forever home and finally settle down!!

    Can't wait to hear more & see more photos of you having fun that your new toy! Show us what you do with it!!

    Honey the Great Dane