Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Favorite Things, Part Four: Prizes!

I LOVE winning prizes, especially gift baskets and gift bags!  Actually I love gifts of any kind, but I especially love gift baskets/bags because they usually contain MULTIPLE gifts.  I also like winning.  Who doesn't?

I've won lots of prizes because I'm very smart and talented (and not at all modest).  My mom is also something of a Toddlers-and-Tiaras type very encouraging of my endeavors.  Here are some of my favorite prizes that I have received.

Last weekend, I won Flying Squirrels tickets in the Frosty Paws Eating Contest (read about it here) at Furry Friends Jubilee.  I was disappointed to learn that the Flying Squirrels are a baseball team and are not, in fact, actually flying squirrels.  I really wanted to take my girlfriend Willow to see flying squirrels play.

Can I eat it?

I won 3rd Place in the Adventure Animals category in Mango Minster 2012.  This was a HUGE honor -- especially since I tied for 3rd Place with one of my idols, Honey the Great Dane.  My prize was this AWESOME blanket with my name and prize embroidered on it:

I'm so proud

I won the Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shop March Fan Appreciation gift -- Key Lime Dog Treats (who knew there was such a thing as Key Lime dog treats?).  Many thanks to Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shop!  The treats are YUMMY!

Would you PLEASE stop playing with
Instagram and give me a treat?

I won a super gift basket for First Place in the Richmond SPCA trick contest at Stony Point last summer:

I won an awesome gift bag from Three Dog Bakery for Best Trick at the Henrico Humane Society's Bark in the Park last fall:

And mom won me this gift basket in the Holiday Barn Bad Poetry Contest last year for a silly poem she wrote about me:

I smell something GOOD

This is the poem:

"The World According to Garth" 
by Garth's mom

Always in a happy mood,
He believes that everything is food,
There is so much more to nibble,
Than the two daily bowls of kibble!
Towels, phone books, especially shoes,
We're lucky he hasn't found the booze!
Also everything's a toy,
Boxes and paper bring him joy.
When happy, he wiggles all over,
His fur is as white as the cliffs of Dover.
He is quite good at doing tricks,
And he love love loves to munch on sticks.
His favorite thing is river hiking,
Romping with friends is much to his liking.
He loves the James River Park,
And chasing balls in the yard after dark.
He has many a Facebook and puppy bud,
But his most favorite thing is mud!
He can play piano and the drums,
Much to the delight of his grandmums.
He will do anything for treats,
And brings a smile to all he meets.
Yes, he's a show-off and a ham,
He's not afraid to walk across a dam,
But put him on an elevator going up,
And he becomes a scaredy-pup!
He believes the time is never wrong,
To have a peanut butter kong,
And a smelly carcass is good to eat,
He jumps on the bed with muddy feet.
He likes to eat rabbit poop,
And any type of icky goop.
He loves to kiss and cuddle,
When walking he steps in every puddle.
He's a canine good citizen and therapy dog,
Lab-a-muffin and attention hog.
We call him Mr. Puppyman,
Of all the many, I'm his biggest fan.


  1. Oh my! You are a talented doggie, and we knew that. But we had not seen the poem before. Your mom is good at that. We hope she enters again this year.

    gussie n teka

  2. Aw, Mr. Puppyman. That's a cool nickname.

    You sure are hauling in the loot lately. I love your MM prize blanket.


    1. Thanks Mango! I think the MM prize blanket is awesome!

  3. garth, thanks so much for the award and sending the pics for my "web-buds" page. you are pawsome!!! great pic, wish i could skateboard! woof my friend

    1. you're quite welcome, Jesse -- thanks for posting me on your web-bud page!

  4. You have won soooo much cool stuff! Your MM prize is really awesome! I didn't know you was afraid of elevators too. They are total death traps!

    1. I'm not afraid of much, but when the floor starts moving under my feet, that just can't be good! Smart dogs are afraid of elevators.